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Golden Nuggets: Exclusive.

Good morning everyone. Ninjames here, etc, etc. I'm getting the links started way later than I had initially planned. Anyway. So yesterday I found out that the Taylor Mays Twitter was actually fake. I don't see what the point is in that. Maybe if you made a fake one and did something hilarious with it, but to post what seemed to be legitimate updates was rather boring. Come on people, if you can fool that many people at least turn it into comedic gold. Whoever you are, you suck. Not because you tricked me, I'd admire you for that, but because you failed to make a single person laugh. Good job. So anyway, I have a decent amount of links for you, nothing groundbreaking, nothing huge went on but we got bits about or rookies and things of that nature. Enjoy, folks.

Here is the EXCLUSIVE part one of EXCLUSIVE Maiocco's EXCLUSIVE interview with Jed York that was given under EXCLUSIVE terms. Click here for this EXCLUSIVE video. EXCLUSIVE. (

The 49ers are spending 150 dollars per voter in their stadium campaign. Nice. (

49ers to be Brady's Bunch? Really? I really take offense to that. (

Barrows takes a look at Vernon Davis' touchdowns last season. (

The Eagles are the 49ers model. Interesting comparisons. (

Alex Smith is definitely gaining followers. I'm definitely on his bandwagon, or at the very least, no longer clamoring for him to be cut. (

Maiocco has some thoughts about Davis' recent statements of 'being the best' and getting him signed. (

Sando takes a look at the quarterback situations in the NFC West. (

Here's the transcript of Sando's latest chat. (

Iupati's can't miss qualities. (

The 49ers rookies are just learning to deal with the media. (

Some of the 49ers rookies weighed in on the NBA finals. (

Barrows has a post about Charlie Wedemeyer's passing and his connection with Jimmy Raye. (

Here is Taylor Mays' first rookie diary. (

Rival Blog Buzz At Field Gulls, a brief and incomplete look at Russell Okung, at Revenge of the Birds, they continue predicting the Cardinals record, and Turf Show Times look at who the Rams will turn to if OJ Atogwe is not with the team next season.

Yesterday On Niners Nation I had the Nuggets to kick things off, after that I had a post about Jay Glazer and a possible conflict of interest, Fooch had a post about recent Twitter comments made by Vernon Davis, and a Know Thy Enemy post from Josh Branco, and then Fooch closed the day off with a post about football experience from our readers. 

Today On Niners Nation (All times pacific and subject to change)

7:00 AM - Howtheyscored will have a post about the Morabito ownership

10:30 AM - Andrew will have another fantasy football post, this one on defenses.

1:00 PM - I'll have the third part of our 53-man roster projections.

4:00 PM - Smileyman has his Friday Night Fun post.

49ers Tweet Of The Day "I'm the best in the league and will be for the rest of this century." from Vernon Davis. Indeed.

Yesterday's Best Comment "that is IT! I’m officially coming to London and dumping ALL of your blimey tea into the harbor!" by Tre9er. Bring me back a crate of the stuff, mate.