Are the Niners Super Bowl contenders this year? [updated by smileyman]

Before anyone chops my head off, please let me explain why I ask this now.

Many are predicting the Niners to win the division this year, mainly because of the retirement of Kurt Warner. With the Rams completely on the downswing, and uncertainty of the Seahawks this year, things definitely look promising.

But getting to the playoffs is simply not enough. The true measure of success comes from winning in the playoffs. In order to win playoff games, you have to beat playoff teams, and if the Niners are to be capable of beating playoff teams the OL must become a dominent unit this year. Picking 2 good linemen high in the draft, is a great move for the next decade, but will it make a difference this year? This years team will go as far as the OL will take them. How far will that be?

Interested to hearing opinions

smileyman's note: I've gone ahead and added a poll to this fanpost. I'll be interested in seeing what the results are.

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