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Golden Nuggets: I wish we had Bill Polian. Just saying...

'Morning, all, Ninjames here. Yesterday was another slow day for the 49ers, but not necessarily the NFL in general. I wanted to remind everyone that the Nuggets can serve as a tell-all link dump for everyone here. If you come across anything related to the NFL or sports in general that you found to be interesting, you can post it up in the comments for discussion. Also, especially considering it's the offseason, it doesn't even necessarily need to be sports related. If you find something funny or interesting, you could link to that, just don't shy away from sports and 49ers talk if it's applicable. For those of you asking, yes, I am keeping track of Yesterday's Best Comment, and I will post the results at who has the most (as well as probably take some votes on what the best best comment was) at the beginning of the 49ers preseason. So enjoy these links, even though they aren't many.

Matt Maiocco posted the exclusive second part of his exclusive interview with Jed York. I'm past the point of making fun of the wording... well, kind of. (

Here is Mike Sando's latest mailbag post over at his NFC West blog. There are more than the usual number of 49ers-related questions, too. Maybe he's becoming a Niners fan? (

The 49ers announced their schedule for the remaining OTAs for the offseason. (

Maiocco notes some recent comments from Colts GM Bill Polian and how they relate to our Niners. (

This isn't even 49ers related at this point, but Cohn has some thoughts on 'Frisco vs LA'. (

The 49ers continue to get some offseason fantasy football love. (

The Madden NFL 2011 team ratings were released, and my good friend Pasta (OK so we're not good friends but we have tweeted on occasion) has the coverage. Notable... notes about the 49ers is that they're tied with the Cardinals at 79. 79 seems low but it really is a step up for the Niners, who have gotten little respect in Madden years past. 79 is even more impressive when you note that the highest team is 92, and not 99 as has been the custom. (

Rival Blog Buzz At Turf Show Times, they have a post about Sam Bradford and how he's looking, and yet another piece on OJ Atogwe. Over at Revenge of the Birds they have some thoughts on their restricted free agent guard Deuce Lutui and their Flock of Links.

Yesterday On Niners Nation The Golden Nuggets kicked us off as usual, and Fooch had a post about Alex Smiith and some statistics, then I had a review of Run Ricky Run, an ESPN 30 for 30 documentary, and we closed the day with my latest At Least We're Not, with a look at the Green Bay Packers.

Today On Niners Nation (All times Pacific and subject to maybe, possibly change)

7:00 AM - I'll have a player profile post on Alex Smith.

11:00 AM - Fooch has a post going up looking at some of Sando's recent comments about overvalued and undervalued players.

2:00 PM - Something else will be up in this slot, from myself, as soon as I figure out what it is.

4:00 PM - I was going to just do a quick run-down of some Madden-related things and the 49ers.

Yesterday's Best Comment Brundylop gets the best comment of yesterday if only because of a computer glitch. He posted a picture showcasing Aaron Rodgers' glorious porn mustache and my browser glitched--and Rodgers' face followed me on all of my pages until I closed out of the browser. Here's a screenshot of it right in the middle of the text box on a completely different post. Seriously priceless. Not even his whole body, just the 'stache followed me.