Championship coaching staff

Yesterday I asked if the 49ers were Super Bowl contenders, and in reading the responses, it got me to thinking about Singletary and the staff.  Talent on the field can hide coaching shortcomings (see Barry Switzer).  A top level coaching staff also has the ability to get the most from the roster.  Can this staff become the long term leadership team that great teams require?

In the Super Bowl era, 2 coaches come to mind when I think about top notch leadership; Walsh and Bellichek.  If you look at the list of SB winning coaches, Switzer tops the list when thinking "accidental" victories.  Average to good staffs will get lucky at times, but great ones leave their mark.


Don McCafferty and Brian Billick won the big one (I think I could have coached the 2000 Ravens to victory), but never did much else.  Wayne Fontes was a playoff contender, but never considered a championship coach or staff.  The list goes on for coaches/staffs that fell short.


Lookig into the magic 8-ball, where will we find Singletary and Co. ranked in history?


(I know it is an unfair question at this point, but it's June, so why not?)

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