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Golden Nuggets: Sweet, sweet OTAs.

Good morning everyone. I'm kind of in a hurry so if things feel rushed today, I apologize in advance. I don't have very many links for you, either, but I do have a few to post. I think I have some on the stadium situation (which we should have plenty on in the coming days) and a few articles on 49ers OTAs, which will be continuing soon. I'm really eager to know what happens with the stadium vote, I know that there will be much to do even after the vote passes, but it's still something I've taken a largely increased interest in over the past couple of weeks. I guess we'll find out together what is going on, since it seems everything that can be speculated has already been speculated. Enjoy your links, folks.

Here is a bit about the stadium from Barrows. If the vote passes, the 49ers have a lot of work ahead. If it doesn't, they have even more work. (

He also has a good article on the next string of OTAs, which begins today. Glad to see that P Andy Lee is expected back. (

Nice! Here's an article I came across about SB Nation and the length at which it has expanded and progressed from the NY Times. I'm glad to be a part of this site. (

Another article about OTAs, and what they mean for some of the younger players on the 49ers roster. (

Anthony Dixon's brothers are all hoping to go pro. (

Here's an article about Alex Smith and the 49ers, but it's an insider piece on ESPN, but I figured I'd link it for those of you who have it. (

Rival Blog Buzz ROTB had a post about the Cardinals and their player tweets over this past week, at Field Gulls an article about some past coach and team, and at TST, their link dump for the day.

Yesterday On Niners Nation I began the day with the Nuggets, another player profile went up, this one about Alex Smith, and Fooch had a post about overvalued and undervalued 49ers.

Today On Niners Nation (All times pacific and subject to change)

7:00 AM - Fooch has a post in the morning concerning power rankings.

11:00 AM - I'll have a post up at this point, probably a player profile.

2:00 PM - Sorry yesterday nothing went up here, my internet died for a good portion of the day. I should also have something at this point today.

Yesterday's Best Comment "Cohn seems to be pretty hyphy. ‘Frisco?’ That guy must rock out with Andre Nickatina on a regular basis in the Cohn Zone" by Rod Blogojevich. I love me some Andre Nickatina.