Best Division in Football?

In keeping with the tradition of just trying to find something to talk about, I figured I would step away from talking about individual teams and go with divisions instead.

If you don't know, there are 8 divisions in the NFL broken down to 4 in the AFC and 4 in the NFC. What I liked about the division in football as oppose to baseball, is that there are 4 teams in each division which translates to an equal number of games. Some baseball divisions have 6-teams and is it just weird... but that is a different conversation.

Every year it seems like each division has 2 teams that battle it out until the end for 1st place, and one team that is just awful.

In my opinion the best division this year is going to be the NFC East. There is really no weak team, and all 4 teams can have winning records this year. The Redskins were the worse last year, but with McNabb this year they could easily have a playoff bound year. The AFC East is going to be tough also (with the exception of the Bills.) I don't know who I would pick as the favorite this year in that Division.

I think the surprise division this year is going to be the AFC North. The Browns finished on a winning streak last year, the Ravens and Bengals went to the playoffs, and the Steelers are an enigma. But that division could come down to the final 2 weeks.

As much as it pains me to say it, I think the 2 worse divisions are the 2 on the West Coast. With the exception of the Chargers, 49ers and maybe the Broncos and Seahawks, I don't see anyone else having a winning record.

Well what do you think? Which division is going to be the best? I would define best as best win/loss record.

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