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Keeping Up With The Tweeting: 49ers OTAs

I feel like I'm obsessed. Well... I know I'm obsessed. Since the early morning I've been staring at my Twitter, waiting for updates from the beat writers. When Maiocco tweeted that only 2 1/2 hours from now! I would be getting OTA news.. man was I excited. So this post is going up just to track such things, I'll update the body of it periodically, think of it as a place for compile them for those of you who aren't up for it on Twitter, don't really like Twitter, or are just completely lazy--which is alright as well.

Also consider it an open thread type deal for the ongoing 49ers OTAs. Here's the links to the 49ers beat writers' Twitter accounts:

Matt Maiocco
Matt Barrows
Phil Barber
Samuel Lam

First, some notes.

-Frank Gore is absent from today's practices, along with Aubrayo Franklin, Manny Lawson, Shawntae Spencer and Nate Clemets (Maiocco: RB Frank Gore joins four defensive starters (Clements, Spencer, Lawson, Franklin) absent from today's 49ers practice) Update: Gore's absence is travel-related. (Maiocco: Frank Gore is not here due to travel issues, 49ers say. He'll be here this afternoon.)

-RB Michael Robinson and Andy Lee are in attendance. Note that they were not present at previous workouts this offseason. (Barrows: Michael Robinson and Andy Lee are indeed present for today's OTA.)

-No more JUGGS machine. The returners (Vann, Williams and Ginn) are all fielding punts from Lee. (Barrows: No more JUGGS machine. Three return candidates are taking punts from Andy Lee. They are Ginn, Williams and Vann. No Brandon Jones yet.)

-Willis is taking part in individual drills for the first time. Good news, we need him back 100%. (Maiocco: LB Patrick Willis is going through individual drills for first time since mid-March surgery to remove bursa sac from knee.)

-First rounders Mike Iupati and Anthony Davis are getting work with the first team offensive line. I think it's a trend that will continue. (Barber: Look who's with first tm: anthony davis and iupati)

-Kentwan Balmer and Keaton Kristick are also not participating in today's workouts. Balmer is rehabbing an injury, and Kristick can't do so until his school holds its graduation ceremony on the 12th. (Maiocco: Other 49ers not working out: DL Kentwan Balmer (rehabbing from shoulder surgery), LB Keaton Kristick (Oregon State graduation June 12).)

-Nate Davis is getting a lot of looks in this session of OTAs. (Lam: N Davis getting a little work with first offense, but now running second team.)

-Anthony Dixon and Will James also worked out individually, much like Patrick Willis, as they had their own injuries. (Maiocco: Patrick Willis (knee), Anthony Dixon (hamstring) and Will James (pubic bone) took part in individual drills but not 11-on-11 work.)

-Isaac Bruce has been traded to the Rams for nothing, so Bruce can retire as a Ram. He was never going to play for the Niners anyway, so instead of cutting him they elected to trade him. (Maiocco: Traded Isaac Bruce to Rams for nothing so he can retire there.)

-Today the team worked a lot on backed-up and short-yardage situations. Can't complain about that, methinks. (Maiocco: 49ers working on backed-up and short-yardage situations today.

-LB Travis LaBoy is another player who sat out the practice session. (Barber: LaBoy, Dixon also sat out team period)

-The first team defense went largely unchanged with Justin Smith, Ricky Jean-Francois, Isaac Sopoaga, Haralson, Spikes, Wilhelm, Brooks, Paymah, Brown, Goldson and Lewis. (Barber: First-tm D remains constant: justin smith, jean francois & sopoaga on line, haralson-spikes-wilhelm-brooks at LB, brown & paymah at CB, Goldson and Lewis at S)

-Iupati and Davis not only worked with the first team--they also worked with the second team. (Barber: Busy day for first rounders: they're getting 2nd-tm reps as well)

-Adam Snyder can play all five positions on the o-line. I recall Smileyman and I saying that he would be a great center if he could snap the ball--well here you go. (Barrows: Wow -- now Adam Snyder is snapping the ball in team situations. He can play all five o-line positions.)

-Diyral Briggs is working with the second team in Manny Lawson's spot. He'll have to really fight for a spot on the final 53. (Barrows: Diyral Briggs is back. He's lining up with the 2nd team at SAM OLB, Manny Lawson's spot.)

-Cody Wallace may not be gone yet! He lined up as the second-team center. (Barrows: Cody Wallace lines up at center for the 2nd team offense in early team drill...)

Update: -Nate Davis is not progressing as fast as the coaches (and Nate himself) would like. Uh oh. (Maiocco: 49ers coach Mike Singletary says 3rd QB Nate Davis is not coming along as quickly as coaches and Davis would like.)

Update: -Singletary says a joint practice with the Raiders is unlikely at this point. Oh well, I found them to be exciting. (Barrows: Singletary says a Raiders scrimmage this offsson is unlikely.)