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Golden Nuggets: Vote yes.

I love me some OTAs. The 49ers conducted their first day of organized time activities yesterday, and it will hopefully quench your thirst for 49ers news and information. If not, there's also more on the Santa Clara stadium vote--which takes place today. I'm excited, as I've noted over the past couple of days. So for the 49ers, we finally get some news to go on. The team made a trade, but not one of great consequence, the lineups were largely unchanged in OTAs, but there were a few interesting notes along the offensive line and other such things. So let's get to your links, and be sure to check out what we've got going on today on Niners Nation, we've got a full compliment of stories and coverage going up today so be sure to stick around. Enjoy, folks.

The 49ers and the Raiders won't be holding a joint practice this offseason. Makes sense, but I liked reading about them. (

The team was more than happy to accommodate WR Isaac Bruce by trading him to the Rams so he could retire there. (

Singletary had some interesting comments about OJ Atogwe and Glen Coffee. (

Samuel Lam has some good notes on the first day of OTAs, and a bit on Nate Davis. (

The exclusive part three of Maiocco's exclusive interview with Jed York has been posted. Check it out. (

The 49ers OTAs are tough, but Singletary is keeping them within league guidelines as far as contact is concerned. (

Coach Singletary wants more from QB Nate Davis. Let's not get crazy and start calling for him to be gone--it wasn't exactly a scathing statement. (

Here's a piece from Tim Kawakami--I didn't read it, but the title just makes me groan. That's how things work, Tim. Organizations have people on top, amazing, right? (

Anthony Davis and Mike Iupati both got first team reps in OTAs. Can we stop calling it a battle yet? (

Eleven to Eighty-five.. I can get used to hearing that, can't you? (

Some of the players are already missing Bruuuuuuuuuuce. I'm going to miss being able to do that. The first time I did that at a game, I was so proud--I know he's a Ram and will always be remembered as such but he's a great guy and a fantastic, hall of fame receiver. (

Lowell Cohn has some last thoughts before the 49ers stadium vote goes down. (

Coach Singletary opened his press conference with comments on John Wooden. (

I'll go ahead and link my roster projections from my 49ers blog, this bit focusing on the defense. (

Here's some fantasy football rankings from ESPN. Of note is Gore being 4th overall, and I found it odd that Vernon Davis was rated less than Crabtree, or moreso, that he is listed as the 4th best tight end to draft. (

Beat Writer Twitter Roundup (My commentary in parenthesis and italics)

Barber: RT @CraftyGiraffe: @Skinny_Post How did Coffee run since Gore didn't make it today?>> I thought he looked pretty good; of course, no contact

Barber: RT @gabrielmury: @Skinny_Post Get the feeling Singletary questioned N. Davis' motivation & drive? >> Sounded more like frustration w/ result (I don't think there really is any issues with Davis' motivation. There were some comments made, but seems to me like he's just coming along slower.)

Maiocco: Yes, and I'll take it a step further. Three guys named Davis. RT @SAC49er Do you think Davis will be on the 49ers when the season starts? (You heard it, folks. Davis will beat Brown for 3rd QB.)

Barber: When 49ers defense went to 4-4 on 3rd-&-short, it was McDonald-Jean Francois-Sopoaga-Smith on the line, Brooks-Wilhelm-Spikes-Haralson at LB

Barber: D-line must have gotten taller: Alex Smith has two passes batted at line, David Carr one

Barrows: Wow -- now Adam Snyder is snapping the ball in team situations. He can play all five o-line positions. (Called it. That's all, really.)

Rival Blog Buzz Why not? More OJ Atogwe talk from Turf Show Times, as well as their coverage of the Isaac Bruce trade, and a bit about Orlando Pace possibly joining the broadcasting booth. At Field Gulls, one writer's 1983 Seahawks story, and at Revenge of the Birds, a post from one of their players. Cool stuff. 

Yesterday On Niners Nation We started off with the Nuggets as usual, Fooch then had a post with his power rankings for the NFC, I had another At Least We're Not post, Smileyman posted the press release regarding the trade of Isaac Bruce, I had a post following the beat writers on Twitter, and then Fooch posted the transcripts of the post-OTA press conference from Mike Singletary and Alex Smith. 

Today On Niners Nation (All times Pacific and subject to change)

7:00 AM - Fooch continues the 53-man roster projections with a look at the safeties.

9:00 AM - A short reminder about it being election day will go up at this point. I'm excited.

11:00 AM - Smileyman will have a post dealing with numbers, and who wore them--I don't have full details on the post but I understand it will be a series of them, each post looking at a number.

1:00 PM - I'll keep you guys up to date on OTAs by compiling all the Twitter updates from the beat writers.

3:00 PM - Fooch will have a post going up about Stephen Strasburg and his hype leading up this debut, and why such hype doesn't exist in the NFL.

6:00 PM - We'll have an open thread for the election returns and as much coverage as we can on the matter. Be there, or be.. well.. not there. You know.

49ers Tweet Of The Day "Glory to God todays practice was truly a blessing. So glad to be back with the team. We are preparing like Champions" from Michael Robinson, whose Twitter is here. Champions indeed.

Yesterday's Best Comment "Just announced: The 49ers have already won the Superbowl. All other teams decided unanimously it was useless to even compete in 2010 against the vast talents that the 49ers possess. The Lombardi will be presented shortly." from Tre9er. Goin' green, son.