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Niners by the Numbers

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I'm shamelessly stealing this idea from fellow SB Nation bloggers Bolts From the Blue. They have a rarely updated front page section titled "Chargers by the (Jersey) Numbers". I liked the idea a lot. Here's how it'll work: Thanks to Fooch, I have a list of every single player to wear a 49ers uniform during the regular season (1094 of them), with the jersey number, school, position and the years that they played for the 49ers. 

I'll be doing a brief profile on each player that wore the number and then choosing the best. Somewhat like "Who's Line Is It Anyway?", the award really means nothing, since the winner will simply be chosen through my own personal biases. 

Join me after the jump as we profile players who wore the jersey numbers 1-3.

Player Position College Years Played Jersey Number

Anderson, Gary

K Syracuse 1997 1
Smith, Noland RB Tennessee State 1969 1
Howard, Eddie p Idaho 1998 2
Mojsiejenk, Ralf P MIchigan State 1991 2
Palmer, Jesse QB Florida 2005 2
Schmitt, Ricky k Shepherd 2009 2
Chandler, Jeff K Florida 2002-2003 3
Miller, Jim P Mississippi 1980-1982 3
Mirer, Rick QB Notre Dame 2000-2001 3
Orosz, Tom P Ohio State 1983 3
Thompson, Tommy P Oregon 1995-1998 3


As you'd expect these early rounds are going to be dominated by kickers and punters, and we have a bevy of both. Gary Anderson and Jeff Chandler both had very long NFL careers, but not with us. Ralf Mojslejenk deserves mention soley based on his name. Tommy Thompson seems to me to be a very British name.

In the end I have to give the award for number 1 to Gary Anderson. He had a 23 year career and was still kicking 45 and 50 yard field goals at the end of it. That's impressive. Ralf Mojsiejenk wins the battle for number 2 based solely on his name, and the battle for number 3 goes to Tommy Thompson, also based on his name.


Here are your winners:

Number 1--Gary Anderson. Eat your heart out Brett Favre.

Number 2--Ralf Mojsiejenk. T.J. Houshmandzadeh ain't got nothing on me

Number 3--Tommy Thompson. No, I'm not a headless Thompson gunner.