Regarding the whole Kawakami/Cohn-LA thing

About a week ago, Tim Kawakami and Lowell Cohn published articles claiming that Jed York threatened to move the team to Los Angeles

Matt Maiocco cleared this all up but Kawakami then released an article that, I thought, perfectly summed up my thoughts.


Simply put, if the Santa Clara vote fails, what's to stop the Yorks from selling to a party that's more capable of getting a stadium built but has less vested interest in keeping the team in the Bay?


He also brought up the argument that the NFL owners and Goodell wouldn't allow a move to Los Angeles because this team has too much tradition. He directed us to the Cleveland Browns when Art Modell was in charge. No one thought the NFL owners and commissioner (who was considered powerful enough to prevent a move) would allow the venerable Cleveland Browns to leave Cleveland, and look how that turned out.



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