Tweet me some Crabs and VD TD's

Hey Guys, Ive been reading updates from Maicco on the practices today and it really seems like Smith is doing solid. We got two good throws to VD, a Crabs TD, and a Delanie Walker TD, of course its not our first team defense so take that with a grain of salt but so far today looks optimistic for our offense. This brings me to the tweets post from yesterday. I really enjoyed that piece and think if there is someone willing to keep posting that during OTA's that would be AWESOME!! Only tweets I see are Maicco's and its be interesting to see the other beat writers opinions. unfortunately i cant look at these at work. my facebook app on my phone is my only source of info on the community sites. Ninersnation is the only place i can get to at work. Someone save me from a boring day and post some tweets!!!


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