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Election Night Open Thread: Measure J - 49ers New Stadium

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As we've repeatedly told you, today is election day, which means the 49ers chance at a new stadium will take a big step forward, or yet another hit. Measure J is on the ballot in Santa Clara, and results will start posting around 8pm HERE. I thought it was worthwhile to have an open thread for discussion during this important time. Of course, there's even less to watch than our epic David Carr open thread, but I'm sure everybody will be able to amuse themselves.

And if you're down in Santa Clara, city officials and Jed York, among others, will be attending an election night event at American Legion Post 419 (958 E Homestead Road). York is expected to address the media later tonight after the ballots are counted.

For those curious about more of the details in Measure J, check out this link provided by smileyman.