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Golden Nuggets: Wooo!

Morning everyone, Ninjames here pulling an all-nighter. Starting the Nuggets a little bit late, but I hope you're all happy to know I've been writing for about.. seven hours straight no, so if there's some grammar issues.. well... deal with it. The 49ers stadium measure, Measure J, went to vote yesterday. As I write this, 52 of 58 precincts have reported and it's as good as done. Fooch had a post about the voting, and you can find it for discussion here. It's a big hurdle, as noted in the link, but they do have a long way to go. Of course, I have other 49ers-related links for you today. Stuff out of organized team activities and the like. So enjoy the links, and let's hope for some complete Nuggets and as many links as possible. Wooh. Enjoy.

Note: The links went up late today because of one person, and her name is Val. I want you all to leave nasty comments about how she kept you all from your precious, precious Nuggets. 

Barrows agrees that the stadium plan is cruising toward victory. I wasn't the only one on here refreshing ballot-tracking websites (most of which did an awful job today), so glad to see it's working out. (

As Maiocco notes, the upcoming days, weeks, months and maybe even years hold the hard part of the 49ers stadium plan. (

Barrows has some notes about the OTAs, a newly signed lineman and more in 49erland. (

The team signed free agent T Matt Kopa yesterday to compete. I have to confess, I know absolutely nothing about this kid. (

Ted Ginn sought advice from Vernon Davis.. What was it for? Catching the ball. I'm a little scared, regardless of strides made. (

The 11-to-85 connection was on display yesterday. Is it.. is it wrong if I'm legitimately excited to see this? Oh God I hope it's not all hype. Things looked good last season but... no, I can't jynx it. (

Here are Samuel Lam's notes from practice yesterday. I'm glad they're focusing on the passing game--it's our weakest area, from the line to the quarterback. On offense, I mean. I think we will still be pre-dominantly a running team, but it would be nice if we could fall back on the passing game. (

May as well link it one more time, here's the post we have about the stadium measure. (

Some notes and observations from yesterday's OTAs, from Barber. (

Measure J was at the top of Santa Clara's list for things to focus on in this election.. or so we like to think. (

Mike Sando has some notes from the 49ers camp yesterday (and the day before) (

Here's a bit on the cornerback competition from Barber. The only quarterback I'm confident in, going into this coming season is Shawntae Spencer, with strong hopes for Tarell Brown. I guess I really don't have an opinion on Nate Clements anymore.(

Dan Brown has a good piece with some notes and quotes, my favorite thing. (

Travis LaBoy was back in the mix on the practice field yesterday. I think he has some work to do, but I also think he can get considerable playing time this coming season. (

The Red Zone is the key to the 49ers success in 2010. (

Nate Davis is still getting a read for the 49ers playbook. I really hope Davis can get a grip of things, I like the kid a lot but I want the best player for the job. (

Maiocco has the final word on the Isaac Bruce trade. He was a great guy, happy he'll get to retire with the team he wants to. (

Here's more on Nate Davis and the challenges he faces in what he hopes to achieve with the 49ers. (

Brandon Jones has a lot of work to do to make the 53-man roster, but he's yet to find his niche with the team. (

It seems to be the hot topic today, oddly enough, but Barber also has a post about Davis and his disorder. (

Alex Smith has been taking charge of the practices. As Maiocco notes, it's OK if you're skeptical at this point, I am too, but I've lessened on my "Smith hater" stance. Now I'm just hoping he proves me wrong. (

Here's the official website's election coverage. (

Rival Blog Buzz ROTB had their Flock of Links, and their latest roster projection looking at guards and centers, at Field Gulls a continuation of a previous article, and what looks to be a play-by-play of some sort, to be honest I've never really understood what those articles were for because I've never read them over there, but yeah, and at TST, their link dump

Yesterday On Niners Nation We began, as usual, with a (rather complete) edition of the Golden Nuggets, Fooch had his roster projections for the safeties, smileyman kicked off his Niners by the Numbers posts, we had a post go up about Stephen Strasburg and his hype, then we had a transcript from Jimmy Raye and a bit on a signing, an open thread for the stadium voting, and finally, a wrap-up of what went down on Measure J.

Today On Niners Nation (All times pacific and subject to change.)

7:00 AM - I will have a post up in the morning, likely a player profile.

11:00 AM - Another post from me, about a recent interview SB Nation had with DeMaurice Smith of the NFLPA.

2:00 PM - Drew K will have his next NCAA rankings post up, looking at the fullbacks.

4:30 PM - We'll have something up in the evening, I'm just not sure what it is yet.

49ers Tweet Of The Day "Damn Alex look good today I started to feel like we were in preseason mode already." from Vernon Davis, whose Twitter is here. Preseason mode? I want Super Bowl mode, son!

Yesterday's Best Comment I'd have given it to Tre9er if he knew the difference between Lil Wayne and Lil Jon, but apparently he didn't. Seriously, trying to start a Lil Jonversation when someone mentions Lil Wayne? Get that out of here, son. So instead I will go with "hey I have meaning to ask you... You live in Florida, right? Are you really married to Minnie or do they stage that whole thing for us tourists?" by LondonNiner. Priceless.