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SB Nation Interviews DeMaurice Smith

SB Nation's Joel Thorman scored an interview with Executive Director of the NFL Player's Association DeMaurice Smith. I found it to be a really good piece, the interview was a 45-minute sitdown which in itself speaks to the amount of respect that SB Nation is getting around the league. Culminate that with the article I posted recently from the New York Times concerning SB Nation's size and expansion, and Fooch's post today on the Bay Area site, well things are looking up for our blog network.

But to the interview, many important things were discussed and broken down. A clear goal of the NFLPA is given, as well as information at what awaits us if a lockout occurs, and much more. One thing that was cool to note, at least for me, was that the players association (or at least it's representative Executive Director) seems to be really on point with the fans and what they want. Obviously, in the end, it's working towards their goal and their goal alone, but if it helps us out, hey, a bonus. Smith speaks on retired NFL players, sharing Legacy profits, big stuff to read about.

Either way, it's a really good interview, and speaks volumes for SB Nation, so check it out.