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Golden Nuggets: Woooh!

Good morning everyone, Ninjames here. In case you didn't notice, SB Nation Bay Area has launched and you can find the welcome post right here. Another note is that Fooch will be on KTRB 860 AM's A's pregame show at 2:30 PM today to promote the launch of the Bay Area site, so tune in for that. Now, how about some good old 49ers coverage? I don't have very many links for you, the 49ers remain very quiet and news is scarce, but there at least a couple pieces to link to, and beyond that we'll have another day of articles and what not here on Niners Nation, we had some good commenting yesterday (mostly due to the phenom posting prodigy Tre9er) so let's keep it up today. Enjoy the links and other such stuff today, folks.

More good coverage from the 49ers on a national scale, Maiocco has an article about ... other articles. Huh. (

It's been an uneven start for the 49ers rookies. I have to say, I'm really excited about Navorro Bowman, not because of that article or anything, just... I think he can be something special in the league. (

Samuel Lam takes a look at the 49ers week one (and week 14) opponent in 2010, the Seattle Seahawks. It's a good breakdown, but obviously pointless because future Ninjames already told us what's going on in the game. Nah but really, it's a great article. (

Is Ted Ginn Jr a decoy or a weapon? I say decoy on offense, weapon on kick returns. He will not be anything more as a receiver than he was with the Dolphins. A guy who can be great for you and make you love him, but for the majority of time in between those rare fantastic moments, he'll largely disappoint. I hope I'm wrong. I really do, and I will be cheering hard for the guy. (

Rival Blog Buzz Nothing at Revenge of the Birds. Turf Show Times has their Random Ramsdom. Field Gulls has a season retrospective on Josh Wilson

Yesterday On Niners Nation The Golden Nuggets kicked us off, we had a post about Alex Smith and the fanbase's confidence level in him, after that we had a Caption This post on that notorious Scot McCloughan image, I updated the Madden fanpost with some more ratings in case you missed them, we had a player profile on TE Delanie Walker and also ended with a fanshot about the launch of SB Nation Bay Area.

Today On Niners Nation (All times pacific and subject to change)

7:00 AM - 53-man Roster Projections: Tight Ends

10:30 AM - Likely another It Has Been Foretold post, I think some rumblings from the future are coming

12:00 N - Another confidence post, most likely about Frank Gore or one of our offensive lineman. Note that these two posts are interchangeable when it comes to which I do first.