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What's Your Confidence Level For Frank Gore?

Yesterday, I started the first of many posts on confidence levels, beginning with Alex Smith. People seemed to have a mostly positive view about our previously oft-struggling quarterback, but that seems to be changing, if a little slowly. The ideas of these posts is to gauge the users on their confidence level on certain players - rating from Very High, High, Medium, Low and Very Low levels of confidence.

We'll continue with the 'workhorse' of the 49ers offense, HB Frank Gore. Gore has been a very solid player ever year with the 49ers and doesn't seem to be truly showing down. Yes, he hasn't quite reached that 2006 level of play again, but neither has he received as many carries in a single year since then. In 2006, he carried the ball 312 times, and since then has never surpassed 260 carries. This may or may not be due to recurring injuries.

Still, he has yet to slip below 1000 yards, even last year after missing effectively three games (only missed two starts, but was only in for one running play in week 3 against the Vikings before getting hurt) and playing behind one of the league's worst offensive lines. Teams stacked the box against Gore, Shaun Hill was his quarterback and then Alex Smith before he got a little respect was his quarterback. Teams knew Gore was going to be the guy running the ball and he still rushed for 1,120 yards last year.

Keep in mind the team should have a much-improved offensive line in 2010, along with legitimate receiving threats and if yesterday's confidence ratings are anything to go by, a capable quarterback running an offense he is familiar with. So what are your confidence levels for Frank Gore in 2010 (providing he is to get the general number of carries to obtain each goal - do not include splitting with Coffee, who only received 23 carries last season when he wasn't filling in for Gore's injury)? Let's quantify the confidence levels after the jump.

Very High: Gore is in the top four running backs in the league. He will rush for at the very least on par with his 2006 season, with at least another 400 yards receiving.

High: He'll be close to his 2006 season and be effective in the passing game, top nine running backs in the league.

Medium: He will be one of the top 15 running backs and get at least 1000 yards.

Low: He will approach 1000 yards but not quite get it. This would be considered low for Frank Gore. Somewhere around 750-800 yards, with somewhere around 150 receiving. Not as many touchdowns as previous seasons.

Very Low: JaMarcus Ru-- oh wait. Well, this is just - way below expectations. Gore will hit a veritable wall, will consistently pick up negative yardage, and may still approach 800 yards - albeit on very inflated carries. Very little touchdowns and terrible yard averages.