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49ers OT Anthony Davis signs with agent Drew Rosenhaus

Drew Rosenhaus announced via Twitter that 49ers first round pick Anthony Davis has signed with Rosenhaus Sports Representation:

We are pleased to announce that Anthony Davis, the 1st round pick of the 49ers has joined the RSR family. Anthony is the 11th over-all pick.

Rosenhaus immediately worked to assuage the concerns of 49ers fans everywhere:

"We're certainly looking forward to dealing with the 49ers," Rosenhaus told Comcast SportsNet. "You don't have to worry about this being another Crabtree situation. We've had great success working with the 49ers in the past and we expect that to continue...

"We haven't had a drafted player or veteran hold out of training camp in six years," Rosenhaus said. "I can't guarantee that will continue with three first-round picks, but it's something we take a lot of pride in."

My favorite line from Rosenhaus: "We're fortunate enough to represent a lot of players on the 49ers, so when you're dealing with them so often, it cuts out a lot of the b.s."

The best example would have to be the deal the 49ers worked out with Frank Gore coming off his record-setting 2006 season. The deal wasn't the biggest or the baddest, but it set Gore up for life beyond his rookie deal, it showed the team was willing to reward strong performers, and more importantly, it showed Drew Rosenhaus was willing to make something happen rather than demand the team shoot for the moon on any deal.

People gave Drew Rosenhaus a lot of crap after the Terrell Owens business (remember the situps out in front of his house?), but overall he does a solid job of getting contracts done and his guys in camp.