CFL Football Debuts on NFL Network

Fooch's Note: Thanks to pwarren85 for getting this posted. The NFL actually announced today that they'll be airing a full slate of CFL games over the course of the season via the NFL Network. Montreal and Saskatchewan was on tonight, and on July 10, they're back with Calgary at Hamilton.

CFL starts right now on nfl network, and is going to be on every thursday for a while. granted its no nfl (there are alot of different runes) unlimited offensive shifting, 120 yard field etc, but there IS some talent that comes from this league.

yeah its not the niners, or the NFL, or the preseason for that matter, but hey why not, maybe ill find a team i can follow. 

I'm just glad that we get something to make this month go by a little faster

2010 Canadian Football League Schedule on NFL Network

Date                                                      Teams                                                                                   Time                     

Thursday, July 1                                Montreal @ Saskatchewan                                         7:00 PM ET

Saturday, July 10                              Calgary @ Hamilton                                                       1:00 PM ET

Saturday, July 17                              Edmonton @ Saskatchewan                                       4:00 PM ET

Saturday, July 24                              Edmonton @ Winnipeg                                                6:30 PM ET

Saturday, July 31                              Hamilton @ Saskatchewan                                         6:30 PM ET

Friday, Sept. 10                                 Calgary @ Edmonton                                                     9:00 PM ET

Friday, Sept. 17                                 Calgary @ Saskatchewan                                             9:00 PM ET

Friday, Sept. 24                                 Montreal @ Winnipeg                                                  8:00 PM ET

Friday, Oct. 1                                     Montreal @ Calgary                                                       9:00 PM ET

Friday, Oct. 8                                     Edmonton @ Hamilton                                                 7:30 PM ET

Friday, Oct. 15                                   Hamilton @ Toronto                                                      7:30 PM ET

Friday, Oct. 22                                   Montreal @ Hamilton                                                   7:00 PM ET

Friday, Oct. 29                                   Montreal @ Toronto                                                      7:00 PM ET

Friday, Nov. 5                                    Calgary @ Winnipeg                                                      8:00 PM ET

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