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49ers Fan Confidence Polls

I'm not sure how many folks noticed this over the past week, but on the top left side of the front of Niners Nation, there's a 49ers Fan Confidence Poll. As part of the roll out of the new regional sites, each team blog has been given this Fan Confidence Poll to measure, shockingly enough, how confident fans are with their team. The poll is closed at this point, but will reopen in the coming week. You can actually view results for all the Bay Area teams (at least those with SB Nation blogs) at the Bay Area regional site. If you scroll about halfway down you'll see graphics for each team's SB Nation blog, along with the last three posts at each site. Just below that is the Fan Confidence Poll for that team.

The first week's rating for the 49ers is a 58 out of 100. Of course, considering it's the first of these polls there's no baseline among 49ers fans from which to begin. However, I thought it'd be worth pointing out the polls of some other teams to give folks an idea of some rating. The Raiders currently sit at 60. Elsewhere, the Chiefs are at 63, the Redskins are at 57, the Bears are at 61, and the Eagles are at 58. Even the Patriots are at 60 and the Vikings are at 47. So, I suppose it's hard to get a real handle on these ratings at this point.

I thought we could use this post to discuss the general level of confidence people have in the 49ers as a whole heading into the 2010 season. I suppose the fan confidence poll could be seen as covering everything from ownership and the stadium, to the product on the field heading into the season. For the purposes of this discussion, let's just look at confidence on the overall product on the field.

Yesterday we discussed the team's biggest weakness heading into the 2010 regular season. James has been posting player confidence polls all offseason. For now, I thought we'd look at the bigger picture. Not so much pointing out the specific weakness or strength, but rather the general confidence level. Personally, I'm fairly comfortable heading into the season. I try not to get too confident, but there's just that certain buzz around the team that has me confident and excited. There are certainly weaknesses on the team, but the confidence level from last year to this year just seems to be at a higher level. It may not reflect in the Fan Confidence Poll at this point, but I think we'll see that reflection in the not too distant future.