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Golden Nuggets: By The Skin Of My Teeth

Morning everyone, morning! Ninjames here with your Nuggets for the day. I did a double take yesterday when I saw that some news actually went down! The 49ers have signed a draft pick, so we've got something to discuss, though I was kind of sad when I saw nobody had commented, and only a few in the Nuggets yesterday. You lazy lot, I put a lot of time in that one! I'm just going to start linking to random crap (in before someone says "But Ninjames, don't you already do that?" Haha. Yes you're very smart now shutup) because ya'll don't read it. Actually, I'm just stalling to get this text to wrap around the image and by the time you get into this sentence you'll already be too far in it to realize that I'm going to continue it for at least another bunch of words and be unable to stop reading. Alright, sorry about that. Here's your linkage.

The 49ers agreed to terms with Nate Byham for a four year contract. Obivously, it doesn't mean he's guaranteed a roster spot. I wrote a bit on it here on the Bay Area Site. (, SB Nation Bay Area)

Here is Matt Maiocco's latest chat transcript. It seems like everything asked here was already asked in the last chat, but it's still something to read so take it for what it's worth, you lot. (

I didn't have time to read this piece, mostly because I am admittedly watching Dream 15 and I keep forgetting that it's almost 3 AM and I need to get these done, but it's a bit about Dashon Goldson from the official website. (

The Niners are scouting another prospect before the supplemental draft. I think this guy has some talent, but I really doubt the team will take anyone in this supplemental. Not this year anyway. (

In case you missed it from yesterday, Maiocco has a piece on the third middle linebacker spot and the playing time they'll be getting. They've an awful lot of time to practice. Love me some Takeo, though. (

Need more discussion on this piece from Barrows yesterday - who do you think he's referring to when he says he can see one guy he is sure won't be there in September? (

Rival Blog Buzz The Cardinals signed one of the draft picks, and Revenge of the Birds has a football 101 post. Field Gulls has a season retrospective on Deion Branch. Turf Show Times takes a look at four key games for the team in 2010. 

Yesterday On Niners Nation Kicked off with the Golden Nuggets, Fooch had a post on the 49ers biggest weaknessin 2010,  I had a post on confidence level for Anthony Dixon and then we finished with a post about NFL Network's top 5 running backs.

Today On Niners Nation(All times pacific and subject to change)

7:00 AM - Fooch has a post about fan confidence.

11:00 AM - A Know Thy Enemy on the Carolina Panthers

2:00 PM - I'll get something good up here.