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Golden Nuggets: One (Or So) Link To Rule Them All

Good morning everyone. The last couple days I've had a few links for you but sadly, that ends today. No, I'm not stopping the Nuggets, I just don't have any links to give, today. Nor has anything went down with the 49ers in the past day. Yesterday, I was starved for sports. The Giants game was over and I wanted more sports. Being unable to think of anything more exciting than watching the A's play baseball, I tried harder and thought of about three hundred things. So I ended up playing hide and go seek with myself. I won. Anyway, As for links, well - it's just one link, and it's basically regurgitated news (the best kind!) that you (probably) already know! I can't create fake news... well... sometimes I do. Anyway, at this point I just feel like I'm talking to myself (you are) so I'm just going to get to the links. Enjoy folks.

Sando from ESPN has his latest mailbag post, which is always a good read, folks. Check it out. (

Barrows has his post on the Byham signing. That's about it. (

Apparently the 49ers are hot to bet on to win the NFC West. Heck yes. (

The 49ers were Jekyll and Hyde this past year. What about next year? (

Rival Blog Buzz Revenge Of The Birds and Field Gulls are all slackers. Go tell them. Turf Show Times has a post about the Rams beginning contract talks with Sam Bradford. Took 'em awhile.

Yesterday On Niners Nation Kicked off with the Golden Nuggets, Fooch had a post on fan confidence, we had a know thy enemy post and then I had a confidence post on Nate Clements

Today On Niners Nation (All times pacific and subject to change)

7:00 AM - Fooch will have a post on the supplemental draft.

11:00 AM - I'll have another confidence post up here, probably on an offensive lineman.

2:00 PM - At Least We're Not... The New Orleans Saints! Yep.