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2010 49ers Roster Projections: Kicker and Punter

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In the span of a month and half we've been able to put together some projections for the entire 53-man roster. We've discussed the quarterbacks, the running backs, the fullbacks, the tight ends, the wide receivers, the offensive line, the defensive line, the inside linebackers, the outside linebackers, the safeties, and the cornerbacks. Before training camp gets going we'll also have our first 53-man roster projection, with a new one posted each week following the four preseason games.

However, before we can get to that, we have to hit up the most consistent portion of the 49ers 53-man roster. That's right, it's time for another Andy Lee/Joe Nedney discussion!

Andy Lee, Joe Nedney

Keep working on that leg
Shane Andrus

In the past, the 49ers have brought in a guy who could handle kicking and punting duties during practice and much of the games so that Lee and Nedney (particularly Nedney) could rest their legs for the regular season. Andrus has some experience at punter, but he actually managed to get some time for the 49ers last season after Nedney injured his hamstring last season. Andrus made some extra points and missed his one field goal attempt. So, it's safe to say Andrus will get time, and then get cut in order to have an opportunity to land a kicking job somewhere else.

Join me after the jump to experience the continued awesomeness of Andy Lee and Joe Nedney.

The real point of this post is to celebrate Andy Lee and Joe Nedney. After all, while there has been turmoil at times in the 49ers roster in the recent past, Lee and Nedney have been absolute rocks at their respective positions. With Nedney signed through 2011 and Andy Lee signed through 2012, the team has some stability. Whatever your thoughts on special teams, having that kind of stability affords the 49ers the opportunity to spend their energy on areas where there are actually concerns.

I thought we'd roll out some great footage of Lee and Nedney. The Lee footage is from Madden in which he absolutely wrecks some defenders breaking tackles. Really it's fitting. The Nedney video is from his competition against Ziggy the Robot during the RoboGames earlier this offseason (as seen in this previous post earlier in the offseason).

Andy Lee breaking tackles in Madden



Joe Nedney versus Ziggy the Robot


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