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49ers by the Numbers: 12 through 14

Lots of players in this list, two of them, are among the best players to ever don a 49ers uniform, and another player is one of the best college QBs of all time.


Player Position College Spot Drafted Years Played Jersey Number
John Brodie QB Stanford 3rd 1957-1973 12
Ty Detmer QB BYU 230th 2006-2007 12
Trent Dilfer QB Fresno State 6th 2006-2007 12
Maury Duncan QB San Francisco State UDFA 1954-1955 12
Hal Ledyard QB Tenn-Chattanooga 104th 1953 12
Steve Bono QB UCLA 142nd 1989-1993 13
Shaun Hill QB Maryland UDFA 2006-2009 13
Gino Tretta QB Miami. (Fla.) UDFA 1996 13
Tom Wittum Punter Northern Illinois 200th 1973-1977 13
Tyronne Drakeford DB Virginia Tech 62nd 1997-1998 14
Sam Etcheverry QB Denver UDFA 1963 14
Bill Musgrave QB Oregon 106th 1991-1994 14
JT O'Sullivan QB UC Davis 186th 2008 14
Tom Owen QB Wichita State 322nd 1974-1975 14
Vinny Sutherland Kick Returner Purdue 136th 2001-2002 14
Y.A. Tittle QB LSU 3rd 1951-1960 14
Ray Wersching Kicker Califronia UDFA 1977-1987 14
Jeff Wilkins Kicker Youngstown State UDFA 1995-1996 14
Bryan Clark QB Michigan State 251st 1982-1983 14

The Winners

Representing the number 12--John Brodie. This is an easy one.  Trent Dilfer wore Brodie's number to bring more attention to the fact that Brodie is not ensrhined in the Hall of Fame.

Representing the number 13--Shaun Hill. I guess QBs must be a superstitious lot since there have only been three players in all of 49ers history to wear that number.

Representing the number 14--Y.A. Tittle. Another easy choice. Sadly Tittle's best years were after he was traded to the Giants.