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Golden Nuggets: Hey Look, Links

Morning everyone. Ninjames here with the Nuggets. I hate the offseason. Seriously. I continue to write for SB Nation Bay Area, and I continue to enjoy it, but once the season starts I'm going to be in my element. I can provide quality coverage for baseball, hockey and basketball. I can put together an article on the Earthquakes and MMA but nothing flows more naturally than the NFL and my 49ers. I actually enjoyed writing about the Raiders too, pretty crazy. You really should have seen the article I posted while we were testing the site. It was "Fooch To The Oakland Raiders" in which I argued the merits of the Raiders signing Fooch to quarterback their offense for 2010. I was very proud of it. Anyway, I have some links for you. Yeah, and they're even 49ers related. Craziness.

The Nate Byham signing is official. Remember, that doesn't mean he's guaranteed a roster spot. As Barrows put it, he could still be "Bearpascoed". It could happen. (

Kentwan Balmer Shoulders Some Expectations. I'm saying it, this is the last year he has to be good. If he doesn't show some real promise, he needs to be cut. Kind of like I said for Vernon Davis. Look how that turned out. (

Sando answers a question about why the 49ers open camp a couple days late. (

And here is his latest mailbag post, a good read as always. (

The team revealed their "State of the Franchise" date, which I will probably be going to. I didn't make it to last years, but I will be trying for this year. (

49ers Youth Football Camp is underway too. I mean, it's not the news you're looking for but it's from the official website. (

Hey look at that, the Lions signed Shaun Hill. I sincerely wish him the best there, he was a good soldier. (

Rival Blog Buzz Turf Show Times had an interview with Sam Bradford - good stuff. Field Gulls had a post about Matt Hasselbeck and his leadership. I've always felt he was underrated. Revenge Of The Birds had their... bird droppings, and they continued projecting the 53-man roster with the cornerback position

Yesterday On Niners Nation We kicked off with the Golden Nuggets, Fooch had the final 53-man roster projection, Smileyman had a by the numbers post and then we finished off with a urnext post.

Today On Niners Nation (All times pacific and subject to change)

7:00 AM - Fooch has a post about the now-official Nate Byham signing.

10:30 AM - Fooch will have a post here.

2:00 PM - I'll get a post up at this point, probably a confidence post.

4:30 PM - Shooting to have a post here.