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What's Your Confidence Level For Shawntae Spencer?

I'm going to continue asking your confidence for... probably every player on the roster. Today we continue the cornerback position with Shawntae Spencer. Last season, Spencer was arguably the 49ers best corner. He was arguably the 49ers best defensive back period.

He wasn't even figured to be in the starting lineup going into the preseason last year. Most everyone including myself didn't consider Spencer to be a factor in the battle for second cornerback. He was a dark horse candidate, and ended up being the starter, even coming off a big injury. A couple big injuries, if I recall correctly.

He only came up with two interceptions last year, but he was consistently around in coverage. He consistently shut down teams' number one and two receivers. He's the only cornerback who didn't move backwards on the depth chart all season, as well. Clements, Brown and Bly all were promoted and demoted a couple of times. Either way, he was easily the team's most solid corner and definitely played the best football of his carerer. He's solidified himself as the team's starting right cornerback.

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Very High: He'll play well and eventually take over on the other side. Or, even if he stays on his current side for the most part, he is identified as the 'best' corner on the team and will routinely guard opposing wide receivers. Gets somewhere around 4+ interceptions and probably earns himself some extra cash in the process.

High: Still may be the best corner on the team, more or less plays like he did last year, but you'll hear his name a little more as someone who teams respect as being a good corner. He'll get somewhere between two and four interceptions and will look good against number one and two receivers alike.

Medium: He isn't perfect, that's for certain. He's the second cornerback and consistently guards second receivers, but is exposed against first receivers and his name is called a few teams - for making mistakes. He gets one or two interceptions.

Low: Loses a little playing time, he just isn't fast enough to be a great cornerback. He's beaten at least once a game and confirms that the 49ers need some serious help at the cornerback position. He's alright, but he shouldn't be starting.

Very Low: Keith Smith