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Andrew Davidson as Roger Goodell for One Day Only

Ok, so I'm not really going to be the NFL commissioner for one day, nor am I changing my name to Roger Goodell for  24 hours. What I am going to do is make one rule change to the NFL that I see fit because here in my fantasy land, I can do that. I ask all of you to join in and make your own rule change by posting them in the comments section. Some people may think the NFL is fine and doesn't need any changes, others may disagree. Personally, I think the NFL could use a few changes but for this post's purpose, I only get to pick one.

Let me begin by saying there are many different choices I could've made for off-the-field changes, but I want to stick to on-the-field (don't let that stop you, however). Recently the NFL made changes to its Overtime rules where now a team must score at least six points to win in an effort to take away the coin-toss advantage. Now, two field goals or one TD ends the game; so if the coin-toss winner score one FG, the opposing team can march down and match that to continue the game, or score a TD to end it (no kidding). I was fine with the way OT was, but I'm also ok with how it is now, I just want it to be better. When four quarters of regulation have expired and the teams are tied, the game goes to overtime (rocket science, I know). The Away team is then given the opportunity to call heads or tails on the coin-toss. Why?

The Away team already received that advantage once at the beginning of the game, why do they automatically get it a second time? The Home team has no advantage losing the OT coin toss, where as during the opening toss, the Away team could win and choose the ball and the Home team gets the advantage of receiving the ball at the beginning of the second half (run.on.sentence). Since OT isn't two halves, there's no reason the Away team should automatically get the upper hand on the home team during the coin toss. Here's my suggestion: the winner of the game's opening coin toss gets to call the coin toss at the beginning of OT. Simple I know, but at least it takes the automatic advantage away from the away side. If the away team won the opening toss, it has the right to choose heads or tails at the beginning of OT (and obviously the same for the home team if they win the opening toss).

I understand that a coin toss is either heads or tails, and while there's not much of an advantage of selecting the outcome, there's no denying an advantage exists. Why else would the away team always get to choose the result of the coin toss at the beginning of the game? It's like a courtesy thing, that team is the guest and therefore has the right to choose. Since the team will be facing roaring fans (unless in Jacksonville) in a hostile environment, it may as well select the coin toss to somewhat balance things out, which is fine (just not in OT). So in conclusion, my boring, simple rule change is that the OT coin toss is called not by the Away team, but by the team that won the opening coin toss. If you're still awake, tell me what rule you'd make if you were commissioner for a day (or a few years).