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Golden Nuggets: Slackers

Oh no! The 49ers drafted nobody in the supplemental draft? Clearly the 49ers are slacking or something like that. But seriously, I don't think anybody thought the team would do anything of that sort. The two guys that got drafted look to be pretty good. I actually like the Price-Bent guy (or whatever his name was) a good bit, but overall I think the team didn't pass up on anyone who could contribute any time soon. As far as 49ers news, the buzz right now is on Aubrayo Franklin, everyone seems to have this doomsaying mentality about the team not going to be able to sign him to a long-term deal, I think we'll be alright. We can get him under contract if he plays well, I think - and if he doesn't or we can't, someone else will fill the role, the draft is deep and all that good stuff. We'll be alright on that front. Here's your links, folks.

The 49ers might lose Aubrayo Franklin in 2011. I think that's a silly kind of headline, considering every team stands to lose a player when they're on a contract year. I'm not very worried about it. I'm laughing at the complete random-ness of the comments over there though. We've got Tim Tebow and Sting (who does indeed rule) and then someone citing stats for a nose tackle as if they're relevant. Good stuff. (

Assessing Aubrayo Franklin's 2011 market value. I don't think he's a priority for the 49ers, but I would definitely like to see him locked up for a few years. Still, I also wouldn't mind the 49ers addressing the position early in the 2011 draft or seeing what Ricky Jean-Francois has to offer. (

Samuel Lam takes a look at another one of the 49ers' 2010 opponents, the Carolina Panthers. I miss Panther Watch. We should do it again just because. (

Barrows takes a look at why the team is hesitant to extend Franklin. After only one good season, I wouldn't extend him right now, either. (

Michael Crabtree is on an ESPN list for players who are knocking on the pro bowl's door. I definitely agree with the pick, I think he's a very good, very complete wide receiver and just needs a guy to throw the ball to him. Hopefully Smith is that guy. (

Alex Smith and Joe Staley are making soccer friends. Cool deal. (

The official website has a preview of every player on offense and what they need to do come training camp. Not a bad run down for something from the official site! (

Rival Blog Buzz Revenge of the Birds had a post about the Cardinals signing another draft pick, and of course their Bird Droppings for the day. Turf Show Times advocated the signing of Terrell Owens (hah) and then a post about Steven Jackson's health and how he should stay away from airplanes. The Seahawks were linked to Harvey Unga and they didn't get him, the Bears came away drafting him - so at Field Gulls they pondered the question of running back size and how important it is to have a bigger frame guy on the team to change things up. Funny, we're wondering the exact opposite here on Niners Nation.

Yesterday On Niners Nation Started off with the Nuggets as usual, had a post on Aubrayo Franklin and the franchise tag, then a post about some of the 49ers biggest mistakes, and then Drew K had his latest NCAA prospects post.

Today On Niners Nation (All times pacific and subject to change)

7:00 AM - 49ers Team Health In 2010

11:00 AM - Andrew Davidson As Roger Goodell For A Day

2:00 PM - At Least We're Not...

Note: I haven't been doing 'Yesterday's Best Comment' the past few days because I have been pressed for time. I will, however, be continuing them tomorrow and have kept track. I'm thinking I might get some kind of 49ers-related prize for the person who has the most of them by the beginning of the preseason, not sure exactly what yet or when the cut-off actually is, but just so you know.