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Golden Nuggets: What Will Franklin Do Indeed

Good morning everyone, Ninjames here with your Nuggets. So far , no death threats due to yeterday's 'At Least We're Not' though I'm not going to write off the possibility that something comes down the line. Still, it's not like I do them for that alone, I do that for your entertainment! I'm sorry about the wait in getting it posted, I know a lot of people were expected it sooner - was it what you wanted? Beyond that, I'm not sure what actual factual 49ers linkage I have for you tonight, I know there's not a whole lot. There's a couple vidoes on and things of that nature, but I'm not too sure I agree with them to a large extent. There's definitely not as many links as there have been in the last couple days, today just doesn't have as much to offer as some of the others, but I'll dig up anything I can. Enjoy the links, folks.

NFL Network had their 'Best in the Biz' segment and ranked their top five middle linebackers. I think it's a load of crap because I know that Lewis only gets the spot because he's Ray Lewis. It's respect. Willis is better than him now. (

What will Franklin do? Honestly, I don't see him being back after next season. I don't see the team being able to come to terms with him and he walks, just a gut feeling I guess. (

It's a Make or Break season for Alex Smith, as noted in this video on They list a few players, and Smith is the second one listed, I completely agree. He needs to play well. (

Sando debates with Matt Williamson on who has the best offensive line in the NFC West. Gotta be the 49ers. (

More and more people think quarterback Alex Smith is poised for a breakout season. I hope this media attention doesn't jinx us. Let's do this, 49ers. (

Here's a bit on Joe Staley and Alex Smith visiting with the Earthquakes and a "different kind of football." (

Rival Blog Buzz Revenge of the Birds had a fantasy football post and their quote of the day. Field Gulls has a season retrospective on Leroy Hill, a fanshot about Leroy Hill being suspended in the season opener and then they answer a question which probably didn't need to be answered. Turf Show Times examines when and where the Rams might pick up their first win, and then takes a look at the teams' Madden ratings.

Yesterday On Niners Nation Kicked off with the Golden Nuggets, Fooch had a post about the team's health in 2010, we had a post from Andrew Davidson, and then I took a look at why we should be happy we're not the New England Patriots.

Today On Niners Nation (All times pacific and subject to change)

7:00 AM- I'll have a confidence post in the morning.

11:00 AM - Either myself or Fooch will have a post.

2:00 PM - Either myself or Fooch will have a post.

Yesterday's Best Comment " You previously said the cut off for YBC was the first pre-season game. You’re now moving the goalposts. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE JAMES???" from London Niner... Calm down bro!