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What's Your Confidence Level For Ted Ginn?

So I found out a couple weeks ago that folks thought wide receiver Josh Morgan would do alright for himself. We had about 500 votes for "high" and about 500 for "medium" and I suppose I, myself, was somewhere in between on that number. Now we have a slightly trickier receiver to rate.

I've decided I'm going to make this solely about Ted Ginn the wide receiver. Don't rate him any higher because you think he might be a great returner - I'll likely revisit him later on for return-man confidence ratings. What of Ted Ginn Jr. the wide receiver?

There are some Miami fans who would take offense to referring to Ginn as anything but a kick returner. He's very fast, very elusive, and by all means should be a very effective weapon in the passing game. And he is... sometimes. Turns out he doesn't utilize very good body position, and when he does, his hands become these giant blocks of stone fit only to bat a ball out of the air.

I said it before that i think Ginn would have been far better off sticking with the cornerback position going into and coming out of college. He has all those tools, and wouldn't have to rely on his sub-par catching ability to make that scrilla. The fact remains that Ted Ginn will always be one big play away from being loved or being lynched. He'll make one big play and be loved, an then he'll have three games of pure mediocrity with some of the worst drops you'll ever see.

BUT, it's worth noting that Ginn is working on his hands a lot this offseason. He's working with Vernon Davis, who must be doing something right. It's also worth noting that Ginn won't be depended on to carry the hopes of a wide receiving unit. They threw to Ginn every time in Miami because they had nobody else to throw to. His biggest asset will be coming in with Vernon already on the field and creating a huge mismatch, beating any cornerback down the field. But does he have the hands to capitalize on it? In a reduced role, who knows? After the jump, I define your voting.

Very High: Ted Ginn makes a big play per game. He comes in and creates the veritable mismatch that we always wanted him to. He's not only a scapegoat out there, allowing Vernon Davis to make some catches, he actually becomes a reliable target down the sidelines. Begins to take time away from Josh Morgan.

High: Ginn is a reliable scapegoat, as stated, but also doesn't show that he has the drops from previous years. It doesn't mean he catches everything that goes his way, but it means that when he's out there people don't groan and wince, which I believe we can all say is a huge step in the right direction from Ginn. A few touchdowns to be sure.

Medium: Ginn isn't the wide receiver we're looking for. He drops balls. He makes a couple good catches, but mixes in some drops. About even in that regard, but still definitely provides a different element on the field and the opposing team has to account for him, so he DOES help the team. Just not in a way you can tell by stats.

Low: He's vintage wide receiver Ginn. He'll drop more than he catches and he'll generally be a bad option to have out there on the field. Every time he's out there folks will wonder why Singletary and Co won't give up on him, but it will be very clear he doesn't bring much to the team as a wide receiver in any capacity.

Very Low: Alex Smith would be better off chucking the ball downfield, outrunning it and catching it himself.