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Niners Nation Fantasy Football Update and Drafting For Your Own League is an SB Nation partner and paying sponsor of the SB Nation football communities. This post is one of a series of sponsor endorsed posts related to the Fantasy Football Commissioner League. To check out the site and try your 14-day free trial, visit this link to receive the 50% discount!


A month ago I posted with great excitement that our site fantasy football league was coming back this fall through We've been rather silent since then, and so I wanted to provide an update for you. Thanks to everybody who expressed interest in joining the league. Due to my bar issues, I won't be announcing the participants until Monday August 2. It's the first day of training camp and my schedule will be free and clear at that point, so the timing makes sense. If you did not indicate interest in the previous post feel free to do so here.

A couple of things. First, we'll select participants by random draw. Second, if we have enough interest, I've thought about potentially having people partner up since we'll only have one league. I realize partnering up on a complete online league might create some difficulties, but I think we can make it work. If you strongly oppose that, feel free to comment or email me. And as always, if you plan on setting up your own league through, make sure and get our 50% discount. The leagues normally are $180, but we're getting them for $90.

With that out of the way, I was curious about people's individual preparation for your various fantasy football leagues. I'm asking in a more general sense. I'm always curious what people do to prepare for fantasy drafts. Do you read through every source out there and come up with huge draft lists? Do you prefer to have a few guys you'd like to get, but the rest are just general lists? Or maybe you're the kind that wings it and will end up drafting Kurt Warner this year.

It's always funny as hell when some genius accidentally drafts someone who retired, or drafts someone who blew out there knee the week before. If that happens in your league, do people tell that owner, or is it every man for himself? I'm curious because it seems like every league has somebody like this so virtually everybody has had to deal with this.