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Golden Nuggets: Wish I Had More

Well good morning folks. Not much going on yesterday in 49erland. The biggest news recently that affects the Niners is Seahawks LB Leroy Hill being suspended for the first game of the season. They play the 49ers that game, I'll be a happy dude come gameday because Hill is a legitimate player, his loss hurts the Seahawks. Another good thing to consider is that he's also in some other trouble and may be gone from the team for more than just one game. Any losses they take due to his absence is a gain for us, so there's that going for the Niners. Beyond that, there's really nothing as far as actual news and what not is concerned. I'll look hard but I'm not anticipating anything even of blog nature today. So if I only have one or two links for you - it's not my fault. Enjoy the links, folks.

As noted, the NFL suspended Seahakws' Leroy Hill for game one of the 2010 season, which will be a game against the 49ers at Qwest Field. (

York expects London to get behind the 49ers. That would be nice, I'd like that home-field atmosphere. (

Rival Blog Buzz Field Gulls have a season retrospective on Jon Ryan. Turf Show Times and Revenge of the Birds were massive slackers yesterday.

Yesterday On Niners Nation We started with the Golden Nuggets, I had a post on your confidence levels in Ted Ginn Jr, and then Fooch had a fantasy football related post.

Today On Niners Nation (All times pacific and subject to change)

7:00 AM - Projecting the 53-man roster continue.

11:00 AM - Another confidence post.

2:00 PM - Something here! Not sure what.