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Whats Your Confidence Level For Michael Crabtree?

So rounding out the wide receivers who matter (the starters, in other words) is Michael Crabtree. Yesterday, we voted on Ted Ginn Jr., the highest option was medium. One of the first polls that wasn't rated mostly in the "high" or "very high".

But now we come to Michael Crabtree, the 49ers number one receiver and potential top receiving threat on the team (potentially behind Vernon Davis).We all know what happened with the contract situation and we all had our negative thoughts about the kid... before he took the field after missing the first five games.

Once he got out there, he quickly showed everyone why he was drafted where he was. He picked up the playbook ridiculously fast and went for 625 yards on 48 receptions with two touchdowns with only 11 games and limited knowledge of the playbook. He showed a great ability to go up and get the ball over a defender and proved a lot of doubters wrong when it came to his speed.

Extrapolated through sixteen games, Crabtree's numbers are definitely up there and where you'd want them with his draft status. With a full offseason to his credit and stability at every position - is Michael Crabtree set to have himself a pro bowl year? Make the jump so I can break down the voting criteria.

Very High: Most definitely a 1000 yard season, one of the better receivers in the league and a clear number one option without the tendency to drop the ball. He's clutch and most definitely demands coverage from an opposing team's number one cornerback. Somewhere around 7 touchdowns. Plays pro bowl football.

High: Has a highly productive season in either yards or touchdowns, but not both. He can get 1000 yards, but only snag 3 to 4 touchdowns. He's still the go-to guy, but you know. The stuff of pro bowl alternates.

Medium: Not pro bowl football, probably not 1000 yards, and isn't as dominating as we might like. He'll have some really good games, but he'll have some mad ones too. Just not all that "dominating" as we might like. Will still be a good player, doesn't make the 49ers think they need to draft a new number one receiver.

Low: Obviously is in over his head. Just doesn't stack up well against the first corner on most teams. Has a tendency to drop the football or not even fight for it. The team wonders what they should do at the receiver position, not necessarily needing to draft one in the first round in 2011, but the position remains one to be improved.

Very Low: Billy Bajema if he were a wide receiver going on a hail mary route ever playl.