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NN Site Update: See ya on the other side...

For those that weren't aware, this is actually the last full week of the offseason. I use the phrase full week because next week, rookies and veterans will be reporting at the end of the week, with the first practice that following Monday. Yes, this long, long offseason is coming to an end.

More importantly for yours truly, the California bar exam is one week from tomorrow. Given that the exam is so close, I've decided it's best that I completely step away from the site for the next week and a half. Up to this point you've seen Ninjames taking on more of an active role on the front page. He'll be keeping an eye on things for the next 11 or so days while I get over this final hump.

My plan at this point is to be back and posting Friday July 30. In the meantime, we'll have plenty of content over the coming days. Florida Danny will be back with a big 3-part series on the offensive line, we'll have some NFC West rankings posts, and a lot of the usual content you've come to enjoy.

Best of luck to any site members who are also taking a particular bar exam. See you all on the other side....