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49ers by the Numbers: 15 through 17

I had no idea that Chris Weinke briefly played for the 49ers. I really liked the guy as a college player, too bad he never made it in the pros as a big success. We've got an ex-soccer player from Belgrade in this bunch, Ninjame's favorite 49er and the man himself, Cool Joe Montana.  


Player Position College Spot Drafted Years Played Jersey Number
Michael Crabtree WR Texas Tech 9th 2009-- 15
Chris Hannon WR Tennesee Undrafted 2008 15
Jon Kilgore Punter Auburn Undrafted 1969 15
Jason McAddley WR Alabama 149th 2005 15
Jim McCann Punter Arizona State 316th 1971-1972 15
Lamarr McHann QB Arkanas 2nd 1963 15
Mike Moroski QB UC Davis 154th 1986 15
Bryan Clark QB Michigan State 251st 1982-1983 15
Charlie Britt HB Georgia 25th 1964 16
Arnie Galiffa QB Army Undrafted 1954 16
Joe Montana QB Notre Dame 82nd 1979-1992 16
Norman Snead QB Wake Forest 2nd 1974-1975 16
Kevin Daft QB UC Davis 151st 2001 17
Steve DeBerg QB San Jose State 275th 1977-1980 17
Momcilo Gavric Kicker Belgrade Undrafted 1969 17
John Isenbarger RB Indiana 48th 1970-1973 17
Billy Kilmer QB UCLA 11th 1961-1962, 1964 17
Kevin Lee WR Alabama 35th 1996 17
Chris Weinke QB Florida State 106th 2007 17
Brandon Williams WR Wisconsins 84th 2006-2007 17
Dominque Zeigler WR Baylor Undrafted 2008-- 17
Tony Gladney WR Nevada-Las Vegas Undrafted 1987 17



Representing the Number 15--Michael Crabtree, just because I think he'll be a star WR

Representign the Number 16--Do I even have to say it? Joe Montana

Representing the Number 17--Steve DeBerg. The dude played into his 40s and was an incredibly tough QB