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Golden Nuggets: We've Got Links!

Good morning folks. Ninjames here with your Nuggets for today. Had some more good discussion yesterday, and if you missed it, I posted updates to the 49ers Madden ratings, I covered every starter so go check that out. As far as 49ers news is concerned, well we actually had a bit of it yesterday - not a whole lot to work with but we had some news concerning our rookies, and accordingly, I've more links today than the recent days where I've only had 2-3. So I've got that going for me. And uhhh, well, I've got nothing really else to add other than we've got some good posts coming up today. Apparently I don't have enough to say to wrap around the image but you guys can deal with it, right? Good! Enjoy.

Barrows takes a look at the players eligible to be on the practice squad, and as he states "I think..." when referring to Zeigler not being eligible, well he's right. He has already spent two seasons on the squad and has accrued time on the active roster on top of that. ( 

Anthony Davis signed on with agent Drew Rosenhaus to get a deal done with the 49ers. I like it, Rosenhaus is a fairly good agent. Better than that Parker fella. That guy sucks. (

My old boss Andy Benoit put together a preview for the 49ers. It's a good look, there's some errors obviously but not a bad read. (

Another general kind of article, but I haven't read this one yet. Seems to be about Singletary and his mentality. (

Here's the latest Taylor Mays rookie diary from the official website. (

Here's a chat transcript from with Dashon Goldson. (

Rival Blog Buzz Revenge of the Birds continued projecting their 53-man roster. Field Gulls took a look at their goals for their offensive line, looking at the left tackle and left guard positions. Turf Show Times had a post about free agency.

Yesterday On Niners Nation Started off with the Golden Nuggets, had more roster projections on tight ends, our post about Anthony Davis signing with a new agent, I had a post about confidence levels for Frank Gore, I updated my Madden fanpost with the 49ers ratings, and then we promoted a fanpost about the CFL.

Today On Niners Nation(All times pacific and subject to change)

7:00 AM - Howie's Super Bowl tourney continues in the morning.

11:00 AM - Smileyman will have something on Don Coryell and his passing.

2:00 PM - Andrew should have a fantasty football post at this point.

Yesterday's Best Comment "We need a good playoff run for Takeo Before Takeo gets too old to play anymore. Please let this be the year. This is the most talent we’ve had in a long long time." from Amigo. YES! Get Spikes a playoff run for the first time.