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Most Intriguing Camp Battle?

When Fooch comes back from his fancy-pants lawyer stuff, he'll be looking at each training camp battle (he said they were his favorite posts to do), but in the meantime I'm just going to get some discussion about what you might find to be the most intriguing battle going into camp.

Do you find the battle for kick returner and punt returner the most interesting? Do you wonder who will be starting at kick returner between Ted Ginn Jr and Kyle Williams? Is Brandon Jones in that mix? LeRoy Vann? How about the punt returner game, where the primary battle seems to be between Williams and Vann? That seems to be Vann's only hope for making the team - can he do it?

Or is the battle at right tackle doing it for you? This one seems like it "could" be a legitimate battle between Adam Snyder and Anthony Davis, depending on how raw the rookie truly is. Most of us believe that Davis will win it, but who knows? I'm not including the battle at left guard because the battle at right tackle is a stretch enough as it is. Make the jump for more.

Do you lay awake at night, tossing and turning, wondering just who will be the backup running back behind Frank Gore? Will it be Glen "Morning" Coffee, or will Anthony Dixon take the spot from him? The team reported really likes what both players can do, and hey - it just might mean a roster spot.

Are you wondering what's going on between Curtis Taylor and Reggie Smith? Alex Boone and Barry Sims got you in a tizzy? Or is it the wide receivers who are really making you think? Brandon Jones, Jason Hill, Dominique Zeigler, Kyle Williams - between those four only two, possibly even just one of them will make the roster. I suppose three is a distinct possibility but definitely no more than that.

Well none of those do it for me. The most intriguing battle, to boring ol' Ninjames is the fullback battle. Moran Norris is the favorite by just about every beat writer and analyst, while the majority of the fanbase seems to think it will be Brit Miller. A small percentage is sitting there, arms crossed, frothing at the mouth are the group of people who are saying "Just wait until the pads go on", with Jehuu Caulcrick jerseys on.

Norris, again, seems to be the favorite - based on the fact that he's shown he can run block, and that's what the 49ers primary focus is for their fullback. I, too, would love to see what the veritable man-beast Caulcrick can do but I'm not going to hold my breathe and get hopes up, thinking he could make the team. However, I'm thinking more and more that both Miller and Norris will make the roster. Think about that one a little bit.