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Golden Nuggets: Come on, links!

Greetings everyone. We had a pretty good day at Niners Nation again yesterday and hope to continue today. I'd like for things to slowly pick up as we get closer and closer to training camp. The links are coming in slowly, but if I miss anything, please be sure to post anything you find in the comments for the benefit of the rest of us. If you must ridicule me for missing it, well - you can do that, too. Anyway, I definitely have less links for you this morning than I did yesterday. Nothing can be done about that! I do like the news that Anthony Davis maybe probably possibly kind of received a strong offer - if he's the first to sign from the first rounders, well - I'll be a happy camper. We need to get these guys signed sooner rather than later. And by that I mean right now. Anyway, enjoy your links folks.

Here's Maiocco's look at the 49ers as part of a four-part series he's doing with bloggers of teams within the division. First up is the Niners, to see what the other bloggers said, be sure to check out the links in the bottom of that commercial. (

We've got a video interview with Mike Singletary. I wasn't able to watch this yet so who knows, maybe it's bad. (

Sam Lam takes a look at the St. Louis Rams, a team we'll be destroying next year :] (

You can get some more training camp tickets tomorrow. (

Rival Blog Buzz Nothing new at Revenge of the Birds yesterday. Field Gulls had a season retrospective on Matt Hasselbeck. Turf Show Times took a look at Rams fans and their confidence, had a post about signing a draft pick and then Kevin Payne had another post.

Yesterday On Niners Nation Started off with the Nuggets, had a post about the most intriguing training camp battle, we had a look at the best inside linebackers, and then we had a post about training camp dates for the rest of the league.

Today On Niners Nation (All times pacific and subject to change)

7:00 AM - Smileyman has a "They Were Our Future!" update for the morning

11:00 AM - I already read it over once but I still have no idea what this post is from Andrew, but you know, be sure to be on and check it out.

Afternoon - Florida Danny should have another stats post at some point in the afternoon.

Also Afternoon - I'll have another confidence post.

Yesterday's Best Comment "All hail Ninjames!" by kiyoshi. And yes, ChesapeakeBay9er, he is sucking up, and yes - it did work.