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Don't Miss Your Chance to Grill Football Outsiders

Hey everyone. Part 3 of my (L)OL series will be up tomorrow. In the meantime, just wanted to let you know that Bill Barnwell of Football Outsiders was kind enough to grant Niners Nation an interview in support of the print release of Football Outsiders Almanac 2010. I have the good fortune of asking the questions. However, although I did apply to undergrad as a Journalism major, I immediately switched to Psychology during my first semester. In other words, I'm not a journalist. Therefore, I'm opening up the floor to you guys for some questions I can ask him.

Ideally, you've read the 49ers chapter in FOA 2010. A little less than ideal would be if you've read Fooch's recent posts discussing various Niner-related topics that were raised in FOA 2010 (e.g., here, here, and here). And even if you've done neither of the above, you're still welcome to offer up questions for reasons related to things like

  • I don't believe in statistical analysis for the NFL.
  • I think Football Outsiders is selling snake oil.
  • I like what Football Outsiders does, but it seems like I need a PhD in statistics to understand DVOA.
  • I lost a lot of money using Football Outsiders' game picks in 2009, and I demand reimbursement.
  • I'm a big fan of Football Outsiders.
  • I think Kory Sheets was our future, and am looking for statistical validation of my thoughts.

Post any questions you might have in the comments section by 8 pm EST tonight. I'll sift through them and single out a handful to include in the interview (Hint: "Was Kory Sheets our future?" will probably not make the cut). I'll be posting Bill's answers to our questions sometime next week. So, fire away!