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Golden Nuggets: In Which I Rant About Nothing...

With great power, comes great responsibility. My friend Anri said that, and I'm pretty sure his buddy Spiderman said that before he did. What's the point of that? Nothing, really. I just raffled off the first sentence in the Nuggets and made some quick money. I'd like to acknowledge right now an email I got from LondonNiner, he took a picture of a box of 'Golden Nuggets' cereal that they have in the far-off, backwards land of England. I'd like to thank him for that, because when I saw it, buried under emails from Fooch, forwarding me important information, bands requesting reviews, spam and Florida Danny telling me, not when he will have a post scheduled, but a loose measurement of time in which he'll be late in posting his stats, it really did make my day. Seriously, I was pretty stoked. I opened it in a tab and every time I closed another tab, it showed that. Great stuff.  Anyway, I have no idea how many links I have for you because I'm writing this before even taking a preliminary look - so we'll discover together (not really because I'm writing this at 1 AM I just like to let you guys feel loved and included, but really you're not), enjoy folks.

Hey cool, the teams the 49ers play in 2011 have been announced. It looks like we'll have a pretty difficult schedule. We should be the favorites though, you know - as Super Bowl defending champs and all. (

The team announced the rest of the open training camps. I was supposed to go to all of these, but it looks like I don't have the funds to make it that way. Sucks - but hopefully I'm moving closer that way soon. (

Sam Lam has another opponent breakdown, the most recent looking at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a team I've always had a soft spot for - probably because nobody else does. (

Maiocco continues the round-table of sorts with the other beat writers, taking a look at our rival Seahawks. The links to the other beat writers involved are at the bottom of the article. (

Over at his NFC West blog, Sando breaks down the training camps for... well, the NFC West. (

Lynch takes a look at the 49ers secondary. I'm excited about our safeties, but I'm not entirely confident in any of our corners, even Spencer. (

Yahoo Sports has updated their 49ers team report, a good breakdown, click around and read up. (

What does everyone think of Nate Byham? I think he stands a shot at making the roster, probably the best blocking tight end to come out of the draft. Anyway, here's a piece on him from the official website. (

The 49ers announced a partnership with HP and some stuff that I really don't want to read. (

Rival Blog Buzz Revenge Of The Birds had their bird droppings, a post asking for questions for a community interview with Jim Dray, another post looking at training camp battles, and a quote of the day. Turf Show Times has, well, two Random Ramsdom posts, one here and one here. Nothing new at Field Gulls.

Yesterday On Niners Nation Kicked off with the Golden Nuggets, an update to They Were Our Future! was posted, Andrew had... well... he had a post, and then Florida Dannys kicked us right in the crotch with a gigantic stats post.

Today On Niners Nation(All times pacific and subject to change)

7:00 AM - Florida Danny kicks us off with a bit about an interview with football outsiders.

11:00 AM - I'll get a confidence post up here.

2:00 PM - I'm thinking I'll have something about training camp here.