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Golden Nuggets: Mmm, pizza.

Good morning everyone. I'm sitting here, waiting for my pizza to get here, figured I'd get a jump start on the Nuggets instead of killing myself and staying up until 2 AM. It's 11PM so if I miss any links, I expect you, the readers to... well, find them yourselves you lazy lot. Although, I am seeing a few links right from the get-go. We have some more training camp previews, a bit about Ray McDonald, and things of that nature. A first round pick signed yesterday; no not one of ours, but hopefully ours will soon follow. Last I heard, Anthony Davis had received a strong offer - maybe that was just some hot air, but I wonder if they're trying to pay him less than what he would be slotted since he could have fallen farther than that. Who knows, really? Let's just hope we can get the four guys we need signed to sign before training camp.

The official website has the second half of their training camp preview, with a look at what's going on for each defensive player and what they need to do come the start of it. Eager to see how Mays is doing. (

DE Ray McDonald has pleaded not guilty to his DUI charge. I hope everything goes well with this, considering McDonald actually stands a chance to do something this season. (

Here is a chat wrap from Sando's blog, always something you should check out. (

How about a look at the Green Bay Packers? For some reason, they're the team I want to beat the most next season. I'm not entirely sure why. (

Sam Lam also takes a look at the Arizona Cardinals, the 49ers week twelve and week seventeen opponents next year. (

Who were the winners and losers in the 2009 draft? Liking the Crabtree love, I think he's due for a pro bowl year. Like, right now. (

What are the odds Aubrayo Franklin signs his tender? Really? They're 100%. There's no way he doesn't sign it, that's just ludicrous to even consider that he wouldn't. (

Maiocco continues his round table, looking now at the St. Louis Rams. The rest of the bloggers' opinions can be found at the end of the article. (

Hey cool. Apparently, Jerry Rice still exercises like a mad man. (

Rival Blog Buzz Turf Show Times takes a look at some things to look for in training camp, and they also had a post about a potential signing of second round pick Rodger Saffold. Field Gulls has some random notes, and a season retrospective on Whosyourmama. Revenge Of The Birds is asking the community to come up with some questionsfor an interview with Andre Roberts.

Yesterday On Niners Nation We kicked off with the Golden Nuggets, we had a post asking for questions for Football Outsiders, we had a post about the 49ers keys to success in 2010, and smileyman promoted a fanpost about the Dez Bryant signing.

Today On Niners Nation (All times pacific and subject to change)

7:00 AM - I'll have a post at this point looking at the ten best 49ers

11:00 AM - I'll probably have a confidence post at this point.

2:00 PM - Something else here.. sorry I don't have much info folks, kind of touch and go at the moment.

5:00 PM - Florida Danny comes back at us with part three of his recent stat post series. 

Yesterday's Best Comment "I think he's gonna bloody some noses." from Andrew Davidson. Let's hope so.