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Worst Player On The 49ers? Worst Starter, Even?

So yesterday I took a look at the ten best players on the 49ers roster. Not everyone agreed with me, but that was generally concerning the last couple spots on the list. In one of the comments though, I realized I had made a glaring ommision yesterday. Please see my amended top ten below.

1. Brian Jennings, LS
2. Andy Lee, P
3. Patrick Willis, LB
4-10. Other People, Various Positions

I'm mostly joking, of course, but it is worth noting that Jennings is the best in the league at what he does. A team with someone who is spotty at the long snapping position can be as bad as having Arnaz Battle returning punts - disasterous for special teams. Speaking of Arnaz Battle, I thought I'd take a quick look at who is the worst player on the 49ers.

I don't want to make a bottom ten list, because I think it will be insulting to some of the guys who are down there who have yet to get a chance, things of that nature. Also, the bit with the backups and all that is rough. So I thought I'd just open it up a little bit and include players who are really only starters, or who were starters last year.

I think we can all agree that Isaac Sopoaga is the worst starter on the 49ers right now. So voting on that would be a moot point - but what if we were to include some of the players from last season? What about starting punt returner Arnaz Battle? Right tackle Adam Snyder? Current right guard Chilo Rachal?

Personally, I would place Sopoaga below Snyder's play last season, as well as Rachal's play this past season and his projected play this season, but probably just a little above Arnaz Battle's abysmal 'skill' as a punt returner. What do you think?

For those of you who don't understand the Sopoaga bashing, you're not in the minority. He just seems like he's good, right? But really watch him. Watch him play - he gets manhandled, tossed around and just beaten consistently. He can't rush the passer, nor can he stop the run. Some would argue that he's good at occupying a block and manning his gap, but I'd argue that at least half of that time he he is just thrown to the ground. All of the strength in the world has not been enough to make him a great player. As Danny said, what has he done in a 49ers uniform save for always being one year away from breaking out?

Keep in mind, I love "Ice". He's a good guy and the rest of the players like him, but currently - he is the worst starter on the 49ers.