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What's Your Confidence Level For Dashon Goldson?

Ninjames' Note: Sorry folks, had some internet troubles and couldn't get anything posted. I'm back now.

Now here is a hard player to gauge. It would seem a lot have taken a collective drink from the Dashon Goldson kool-aid, which is completely fine. He played well in the second half of the season. Heck, he played better than well. He played like a pretty great safety. But can he continue such play?

Last season, Goldson ended up with two sacks, six passes deflected, four interceptions and three forced fumbles. Not bad, right? But most of them came in the second half of the season. He seemed to struggle a bit early on, but something "clicked" and he started playing seemingly above the level we all thought he could. I mean, we expected an improvement but I don't think anyone saw that drastic of an improvement.

Make the jump and I define the voting criteria.

Very High: He is an absolute BEAST. One of the top five safeties in the league and hey - look at that - he deserves the contract he wants. He becomes a ballhawk and retains his 'human missile' quality, forcing a good number of fumbles. 7+ interceptions.

High: He's still a beast, he's locked in as our starting safety and we make a significant push to get him signed. Not quite the ballhawk, but still good. 5+ interceptions and is always around the ball. He may get beat once or twice, but it doesn't happen often.

Medium: 3-4 Interceptions, and he still is starting caliber. After his year last year, he can stumble and still be considered medium. He plays well, but has tendency to whiff and miss tackles, not as good off the safety blitz, and he just gets beat occasionally. Still a solid starter - better than Roman was.

Low: He slumps big time. There's not much else to say about it than that - terribly inconsistent in that he'll look good a few games and he'll look bad the next. Just not a stable option.

Very Low: Mark Roman.