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49ers by the Numbers: 18-20

I'd forgotten that Lelie had a brief stint as a 49er--probably because his performance was very forgettable.


Player Position College Spot Drafted Years Played Jersey Number
Elvis Grbac QB Michigan 219th 1993-1996 18
James Jordan WR Louisiana Tech Undrafted 2002-2005 18
Ashley Lelie WR Hawaii 19th 2007 18
Micheal Spurlock WR Mississippi Undrafted 2009 18
Otis Amey WR Sacramento State  Undrafted 2005 18
Steve Stenstrom QB Stanford 134th 1999 18
Gene Washington WR Stanford 16th 1969-1977 19
Arland Bruce WR Minnesota Undrafted 2003 19
Scott Bull QB Arkansas 177th 1976-1978 19
Giovanni Carmazzi QB Hofstra 65th 2000-2001 19
Gary Huff QB Florida State 33rd 1980 19
LeRon McCoy WR Indian (PA) 226th 2007 19
Terrence Warren WR Hampton 114th 1995 19
Mike Adams Safety Delaware 67th 2004-2006 20
Terry Anderson WR Bethune-Cookman 321st 1980 20
Sheldon Canley RB San Jose State 193rd 1991-1992 20
George Donnelly CB Illinois 13th 1965-1967 20
Tony Harris WR Toledo 101st 1971 20
Garrison Hearst RB Georgia 3rd 1997-2003 20
Mike Holmes CB Texas Southern 18th 1974-1975 20
Amos Lawrence RB North Carolina 103rd 1981-1982 20
Derek Loville RB Oregon Undrafted 1994-1996 20
Tory Nixon CB San Diego State 33rd 1985-1988 20
Allen Rossum KR Notre Dame 85th 2008-2009 20
Keith Smith CB McNeese State 73rd 2009 20
Bill Stits DB UCLA 44th 1957-1958 20
Mark Harris WR Stanford Undrafted 1996-1999 19



The Winners:

Represeting the Number 18: Elvis Grbac. He'll never be remembered as a great player but he was a good backup for us when we needed him to be.

Representing the number 19: Gene Washington. He's a bit of an unheralded player in 49er history but he averaged almost 18 yards a reception during a time when the forward pass was not utilized as much as it is today. He had two seasons with 12 TDs (One in 1907 and one in 1972, and another season with 9 TDs)

Representing the number 20: Garrison Hearst. He's one of my favorite 49ers. I loved the way he ran the ball. If it weren't for his injuries he might be rememberd as the greatest running back in 49er history.