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What's Your Confidence Level For Anthony Davis?

Now we start getting to the offensive linemen. Obviously we're not going to be voting on a lot of stats or things like that. Do keep in mind that these confidence levels are for this coming season, not the future. For instance, if you think Anthony Davis will end up being a pro bowl player, but you definitely think his first season will be marred with growing pains, then you'd vote a medium, etc.

Anthony Davis was our first pick in this past draft. We traded up a couple spots just to get him. One might think, considering all of that, he'll be a very good player. Well, it's probably true, but it's debatable whether or not he'll find immediate success. Davis is young, and in the months leading up to the draft, literally sailed up and down draft boards. Teams liked his ceiling, others were put-off by how raw he was. Some teams liked his attitude, others were worried about the lack of effort in training, conditioning and the like.

Well so far I think he's turned out to be a pretty cool guy, and I haven't personally heard of any attitude problem since we drafted him. I believe he's been working out well, all of that good stuff. I think we can all agree he has a pretty high ceiling (unless your name is Drew K). But how raw is he? What kind of growing pains are there going to be? Should we be starting him right away? Make the jump for your voting criteria.

Very High: Starting him was the right course of action, he is automatically an upgrade over Adam Snyder at right tackle. I don't know that it's even within the scope of reality to project a pro bowl for the guy his first year but this is as close to it as we'll get. He's dominating, he's good.

High: Not as good as very high, but again, starting him was the right option. He makes some mistakes, but he's still a vast improvement over Snyder at RT. Just a really good player at this point.

Medium: Definitely raw. He makes mistakes, rookie mistakes. He's inconsistent, and gets beat quite a bit - but he still shows flashes of why he was picked where he was. After this 'medium' year, he is still locked in as the starter, after all, it was to be expected that he'd struggle, right?

Low: He plays a lot worse than most of us think he would. Not necessarily as bad as Snyder, but you know. Either he loses his starting job, or he just doesn't perform, but he is kept in as experience for the future. He also may show some other, off-the-field issues.

Very Low: Kwame Harris