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What's Your Confidence Level For Mike Iupati?

Yesterday you good folks pegged Anthony Davis at around a medium confidence level. I think the consensus is, and will remain "very raw" until we see him in action. I'm inclined to agree with it. Davis has a lot of work to do, but in the end I feel our confidence in him will only go up.

Today we take a look at Mike Iupati, the other first round pick from the 49ers this past draft. Iupati is currently in a position battle with David Baas for the starting spot at left guard. Baas was the starter last season, and didn't make a complete mockery of the position. He started off the season with many mistakes, but grew into a competent starter in the second half. I actually think Baas is a starting caliber guard in the league, but with Iupati hungry to get out there and play, well... let's just say Iupati is the favorite to be the starter.

Iupati as universally regarded as the best guard prospect in this draft, and one of the most "NFL ready" players in the first round (and therefore the entire draft, I think it's fair to infer). He's been called the next Hutchinson, but in no way will I make that claim yet, to avoid homerism. What I do know is that he's a pretty fierce guy out there. He's basically the definition of "beast."

Without anything else to go on, how about I define your voting criteria?

Very High: Pro bowl. There's not much else to say. Very high is a pro bowl or a pro bowl year.

High: Stumbles very briefly, has a good year. Allows a couple sacks but overall Frank Gore has an absolute field day behind Iupati. Moran Norris and/or Brit Miller look like pro bowl fullbacks because they only have to block every now and then when there's a run to the left. Iupati is just good.

Medium: He is a rookie. Rookies make mistakes. Iupati has about half a good season and half a struggling season. It's nothing to really consider for the season after that, he shows potential for growth and will look very good the times he plays well. But like I said, he is a rookie.

Low: Manhandled occasionally. Is very clearly overrated as a rookie. Not necessarily doomsaying for the future but not a good sign. He should play better than this, but those draft experts were wrong. He's not that strong, he's just not that good. He will be decent at times but overall will play below his projected talent level.

Very Low: Tony Wragge