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SprintAs Fooch noted in his previous fantasy football post, he will be announcing the participants in Niners Nation's returning fantasy football league on August 2nd, shortly after he returns from the Bar Exam and potentially an extreme hangover. We're getting a free league from CSB Sports and if you didn't express interest in joining it before, I (think) you can still do so in this post. If you're interested in starting your own league, CBS Sports is partnering with Niners Nation (and all of SB Nation's NFL blogs) to provide us a 50% discount on all leagues. $90 instead of $180? I'm absurdly cheap, a deal like this is exactly what I'm interested in. It's cool stuff, be sure to check it out.

This post is going to be short and sweet, so make the jump and let's talk about about drafting 49ers in fantasy football. I'm eager to hear some of your thoughts on the matter.

So, I'm still pretty new to fantasy football. I just started my first league last year. But almost immediately, I took on an oath that I've always stuck to in the realm of sports betting: never bet on your team, your player, your fighter, your favorite. If the 49ers had a line that anybody would be absolutely crazy not to take, well you could call me crazy - I won't ever do it. When one of my fighters in MMA has a good line and I just know his matchup is favorable, I won't bite.

I can't be sure, but I have to figure my judgement is clouded. I'm sure the Saints are going to be the favorites in week two on Monday Night Football this coming season, and I'm sure a few 49ers fans and other betters will bite. I just can't. I won't let myself. How does this relate to fantasy football?

Well it's pretty obvious. I don't draft 49ers. It's just something I don't do. I'll pay attention to some projections and ratings, and if I'm sitting in the middle of the late rounds and somebody too good to pass up like Vernon Davis fell through (read as: everyone else in my draft suffered massive connection failures), I guess I would - but I've yet to have my convictions tested extensively. In my three leagues last year I was in a position to take Frank Gore, Vernon Davis and Michael Crabtree all at points that seemed like they'd be ideal places to take them.

In fact, two of the three of those players were taken directly after my pick. As I recall, that person didn't do too well in their matchups, though I don't think it was because of the 49ers players. It's just something I don't do. I'll let you guys know if my convictions are ever tested, however. Do you draft 49ers players? I have to figure it would be the opposite for some people - I imagine some of you eat it up and can try pretty hard to get players like Davis, Gore, Smith and the 49ers defense. What's your shtick?