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So The 49ers Are Giddy.. Are You?

So I've been rolling out confidence post after confidence post to gauge how everyone is feeling about each player. In just a moment I'll list some of the results for those polls (which aren't technically closed yet). Phil Barber of the Press Democrat noted yesterday that the 49ers were positively "giddy." Now, I didn't get to watch the State of the Franchise address, but a few other beat writers echoed the sentiments.

Are you 'giddy' for the season? I have to say, for lack of a better word, I sure am. When the 49ers went to the first minicamp, Tre9er and I were literally slamming refresh on our keyboards and staring at Twitter, waiting for updates, debating about every little thing. There hasn't been a single offseason where I've talked as much about a backup fullback or a third string tight end as much as this offseason. Brit Miller has been mentioned more times between some of us diehard fans than say, someone of moderate success like Jeff Garcia has his entire career. It's surreal.

It's all because, for the first time in a long time, this team seems to have some semblance of direction. We're moving in the right direction. For the most part, at least. That being said, make sure, if you haven't yet, to vote in the Fan Confidence Poll up in the top left of the home page. I'll also put it in the bottom of this post. Votes are tallied today, so be sure to vote (or make the next one). Make the jump for some poll results from my confidence posts..

Alex Smith - HIGH - 759 votes, 56% (Medium, 361, 26%)
Frank Gore - HIGH - 646 votes, 46% (Very High, 606, 44%)
Glen Coffee - MEDIUM - 663 votes, 54% (Low, 261, 21%)
Anthony Dixon - MEDIUM - 362 votes, 43% (High, 251, 29%)
Vernon Davis - VERY HIGH - 718 votes, 61% (High, 397, 33%)
Josh Morgan - HIGH - 460 votes, 45% (Medium, 427, 42%)
Michael Crabtree - VERY HIGH - 1092 votes, 64% (High, 551, 32%)
Ted Ginn Jr. - MEDIUM - 601 votes, 48% (High, 359, 28%)
Anthony Davis - MEDIUM - 460 votes, 45% (High, 404, 39%)
Mike Iupati - HIGH - 412 votes, 60% (Very High, 167, 24%)
Nate Clements - MEDIUM, 422 votes, 44% (High, 315, 33%)
Shawntae Spencer - HIGH, 209 votes, 56% (Very High, 153, 21%)
Tarell Brown - MEDIUM, 384 votes, 49% (High, 264, 34%)
Dashon Goldson - HIGH, 552 votes, 59% (Very High, 194, 20%)
Michael Lewis - MEDIUM, 389 votes, 54% (High, 181, 25%)
Parys Haralson - MEDIUM, 358 votes, 44% (High, 351, 43%)

I have to think we're feeling good about this 49ers team. I think a good portion of us fans showed a lot of maturity in cheering Anthony Davis' selection on draft day, and even more maturity in making the majority vote be "medium". It is pretty unrealistic to think he's not going to be raw and struggle out of the gate. I also think it shows a lot that some players we could easily be drinking kool-aid of (Ted Ginn, Clements) - we're not. Good to see. So.. how do you feel about this season? Feel free to discuss any of the confidence posts here as well, and go vote in the latest couple (Davis, Iupati).