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What's Your Confidence Level For Chilo Rachal?

Chilo's gonna make me knock him out.

- Mike Singletary after RG Chilo Rachal gives up a sack last season.

The oft-criticized, oft-almost-knocked-out Chilo Rachal is up next in our confidence posts. I didn't put this up earlier as I wanted to give Florida Danny's post some more face-time. We recently ran polls on rookie left guard Mike Iupati and rookie right tackle Anthony Davis. The feeling for Iupati was one of excitement, the feeling for Davis seemed to be cautious optimism. Now how about Chilo Rachal?

Rachal spends his days going back and forth between "a lost cause" and "a bundle of potential". He split time last year as a competent, dominating starter who could run block and an undisciplined, raw player who couldn't block against Isaac Sopoaga. It's like at one point, he's a great guard, and then he'll just split from the group and become 'The Artist Formerly Known As A Great Guard.'

When Mike Singletary took over the team, he made Chilo the starter - and he played very well. Well enough to start the 2009 season as the definitive starter at right guard. But there were growing pains. He allowed some sacks, he missed some blocks, and for a few games was the weakest part of the line. It was not a pretty sight to see, by any means.

Still, as the season went on, after a slight benching and much ado about that - Rachal was back in the lineup and looking good. He was a pretty big force the last few games of the season and looked every part a competent starter at right guard. For 2010, he's once again penciled in at RG. How will he perform? He's every part physically able to play the position. Make the jump for your criteria.

Very High: Rachal plays like a pro bowler, or at least the rest of the line makes him look pretty good. A definite starter and finally realizing his potential. I think some forget that Rachal was taken so early in the draft - he was taken for a reason. Plays great.

High: He's the starter, and he should be. He plays exactly how he did at the end of the previous two years when he was manhandling people and kicking doors down to create holes for running backs. Not necessarily a pro bowler, but a good starter.

Medium: The team may still neglect to pick up another guard next year due to overall heightened line play, but Rachal doesn't perform up to our standards. He misses blocks, Alex Smith takes a beating and Frank Gore pledges to only run behind Mike Iupati for the rest of the year. He's a starter, but he most definitely struggles for at least half the year.

Low: The team made a mistake picking him, they need another guard asap. Rachal isn't cutting it and very likely will continue to "not cut it". So cut him. Hah.

Very Low: Tony Wragge