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Golden Nuggets: Yess, Training Camp! So Close!

Glorious news! We are almost there, friends. While, during this offseason I've taken a liking to many sports I previously hadn't, I'm more than ready to throw them aside for the most part as we get ready for some football! The past few months I've been referring to it as gridiron because I've legitimately been interested in soccer. I think a good middle ground is referring to it as soccer while real football is in season. I've gotten into volleyball, back into baseball, plane-racing, competative eating and so, so much more. But as soon as training camp opens I'll forget all of them exist, save for maybe baseball because I kinda like that one team.. the.. Giants, I think they're called? Who knows. Anyway. Rookie signage, supposed to go down today, let's cross our fingers. Enjoy the links.

Anthony Davis is reportedly going to sign a contract this morning. Navorro Bowman is, too. That's great, I wonder why there have been little-to-no talks with Mike Iupati as of yet? (

It's been awhile, but the NFC West landscape finally favors the 49ers. It feels really good, doesn't it? (

Sam Lam posted his pre-camp 53-man roster projection. Interesting to see 6 RB and 3 TE. Also, scratching my head a little on Tony Wragge, but mostly because I've written him off, myself. I'm thinking there won't be nine offensive lineman on the roster, especially considering the fact that a third, blocking tight end is included. (

On top of our coverage here at Niners Nation, myself, Fooch and maybe even Sam Lam will have a training camp story stream going over at the Bay Area site. (SB Nation Bay Area)

Singletary eager to move on with the youth movement. I'm inclined to agree - it started with Chilo Rachal being inserted basically immediately when Singletary took over. (

Yesterday, he had his first of five questions about the 49ers entering training camp. Today, Maiocco has number four. (

Barber tried his hand at predicting Navorro Bowman's contract. I think Bowman will make a little more than the players drafted immediately before and after him. (

The 49ers have a lot of confidence in Alex Smith, and they had better be right. I agree. (

Here is Maiocco's latest chat transcript. (

Lynch of the Chronicle takes a look at the tight ends for the 49ers. (

I still couldn't believe this when I first read about it, but here's a bit about Vernon Davis' curling with the stars. (

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