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Holy signage Batman! Updates from the world of Twitter (Updated 4pm MST)

Robin's trying to keep ahead of Batman
Robin's trying to keep ahead of Batman

Unbelievable action today on both rookie signings and free agent signings. After months of sitting and twiddling our thumbs there's actual news to talk about. I want to briefly cover the 1st round picks and their deals as well as the 2nd round picks and then guess when the others will sign.

The two rounds are practically mirror images--the first round has as many draft picks unsigned as the second round has signed.

So far the highest pick to sign is the 8th overall pick, Rolando McClain who signed a 5 year deal worth $40 million ($23 million guaranteed). That makes 8 first rounders who have signed (with several very close to the edge). The highest second round pick to sign is Roger Saffold (33rd overall) who for 4 years, $6.3 million with $3.9 million guaranteed. Round 2 has had much better success thus far with 27 out of 32 picks signed.

Most of this information is available through twitter (Adam Schefter is being is usual workhorse self), but Mac'sFootballBlog has a nice list of who's been signed and who hasn't. Go visit his site and drive up his traffic--it's worth it as he's got some other great stuff there.

Round 1 (16 of 32 signed)

1. St. Louis Rams - Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma
Update: 6 years, $78 million with $50 million guaranteed. Total deal could reach $86 million. Must play 35% of rookie offensive snaps or 45% in any other one year

Update: The two sides were up 'til 4am talking. Tonight or tomorrow he'll be signed.

2. Detroit Lions - Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska
No word from Suh's camp about signing

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma
McCoy has stated that he's wanting to wait to see what Bradford gets before signing (I expect that's what's going on with Suh as well)

4. Washington Redskins - Trent Williams, OT, Oklahoma
Update: 6 years, $60 million max. $36.5 million guaranteed

5. Kansas City Chiefs - Eric Berry, S, Tennessee
Update: 6 years, $60 million. $34 million guaranteed

6. Seattle Seahawks - Russell Okung, OT, Oklahoma State
No word on Okung--I don't know how the deal with Pitts affects him (It shouldn't but you never know).

7. Cleveland Browns - Joe Haden, CB, Florida
No word on a deal here.

8. Oakland Raiders - Rolando McClain, LB, Alabama - Signed (5-years, $40M; $23M guaranteed)

9. Buffalo Bills - C.J. Spiller, RB, Clemson
No word here though speculation is that he'll hold out.

10. Jacksonville Jaguars - Tyson Alualu, DT, Cal
Jaguars were expected to make him an offer today. No word on if they did or how it was received by him.

11. San Francisco 49ers- Anthony Davis, OT, Rutgers
Update: 5 years, $26.5 million. $15.95 guaranteed

12. San Diego Chargers - Ryan Mathews, RB, Fresno State
No news here. I guess the Chargers are planning on financing Mathews by skimping on their veterans.

13. Philadelphia Eagles - Brandon Graham, DE, Michigan - Signed (5-years, financial terms undisclosed)

14. Seattle Seahawks - Earl Thomas, S, Texas
No word here either. The Seahawks are being close-lipped or tight-fisted.

15. New York Giants - Jason Pierre-Paul, DE, South Florida
No word.

16. Tennessee Titans - Derrick Morgan, DE, Georgia Tech
No word.

17. San Francisco 49ers - Mike Iupati, G/T, Idaho
Update: 5 years, $18.5 million max, $10.8 million guaranteed

18. Pittsburgh Steelers - Maurkice Pouncey, C/G, Florida
Update: 5 year deal. Financial terms not available yet.

19. Atlanta Falcons - Sean Weatherspoon, LB, Missouri - Signed (5-years, $17.54M max; $10.4M guaranteed)

20. Houston Texans - Kareem Jackson, CB, Alabama

Update: 5 years, $13.1 million, $10.5 million guaranteed.

21. Cincinnati Bengals - Jermaine Gresham, TE, Oklahoma

No word.

22. Denver Broncos - Demaryius Thomas, WR, Georgia Tech

23. Green Bay Packers - Bryan Bulaga, OT, Iowa

Update: 5 years, $14.75 million max, $8.75 guaranteed

24. Dallas Cowboys - Dez Bryant, WR, Oklahoma State - Signed (5-years, $11.8M; $8.375M guaranteed)
I must confess to being shocked that he was the first one to sign. I had him pegged as a hold out.

25. Denver Broncos - Tim Tebow, QB, Florida - Agreed to Terms (5-years, $11.25M/$33M max; $8.7M guaranteed)

26. Arizona Cardinals - Dan Williams, NT, Tennessee
Cardinals really need to get this done. Their defense is decimated, but I think their owners have shown great apathy this off season

27. New England Patriots - Devin McCourty, CB, Rutgers - Signed (5-years, $10M/$13.2 max; $7.825M guaranteed)

28. Miami Dolphins - Jared Odrick, DE, Penn State - Signed (5-years, $13.07M max; $7.133M guaranteed)

29. New York Jets - Kyle Wilson, CB, Boise State

I wonder if talks with Revis are slowing this one down.

30. Detroit Lions - Jahvid Best, RB, Cal

31. Indianapolis Colts - Jerry Hughes, DE, TCU

32. New Orleans Saints - Patrick Robinson, CB, Florida State - Agreed to Terms (5-years, financial terms undisclosed)

Round 2 (27 of 32 signed)

33. St. Louis Rams - Rodger Saffold, OT, Indiana - Signed (4-years, $6.3M; ~$3.9M guaranteed)

34. Minnesota Vikings - Chris Cook, CB/S, Virginia - Signed (4-years, $5.37M; $3.3M guaranteed)

35. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Brian Price, DT, UCLA - Signed (4-years, $5.32M; $3.55M guaranteed)

36. Kansas City Chiefs - Dexter McCluster, WR, Mississippi - Signed (4-years, $5.15M; $3.15M guaranteed)

37. Philadelphia Eagles - Nate Allen, S, South Florida - Signed (4-years, $5.033M; $3.109M guaranteed)

38. Cleveland Browns - T.J. Ward, S, Oregon - Signed (4-years, $4.938M; $3.03M guaranteed)

39. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Arrelious Benn, WR, Illinois - Signed (4-years, $4.84M; $2.85M guaranteed)

40. Miami Dolphins - Koa Misi, LB, Utah - Agreed to Terms (4-years, financial terms undisclosed)
I sure wish we could've grabbed him

41. Buffalo Bills - Torell Troup, DT, Central Florida - Signed (4-years, $4.483M; $2.618M guaranteed)

42. New England Patriots - Rob Gronkowski, TE, Arizona - Signed (4-years, $4.44M; $2.59M guaranteed)

43. Baltimore Ravens - Sergio Kindle, LB, Texas

44. Oakland Raiders - Lamarr Houston, DT, Texas - Signed (4-years, $4.33M; $2.505M guaranteed)

45. Denver Broncos - Zane Beadles, OL, Utah - Signed (4-years, $4.171M; $2.381M guaranteed)

46. New York Giants - Linval Joseph, DT, East Carolina

47. Arizona Cardinals - Daryl Washington, LB, TCU

48. Carolina Panthers - Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame - Signed (4-years, $4.003M/$6.253M max.; $2.213M guaranteed)

49. San Francisco 49ers - Taylor Mays, S, USCWhat's the hold up here?
I know he wants to play--he's been at the facility every day since the OTAs were done.

50. Kansas City Chiefs - Javier Arenas, CB, Alabama - Signed (4-years, $3.798M; $1.933M guaranteed)

51. Minnesota Vikings - Toby Gerhart, RB, Stanford

52. Pittsburgh Steelers - Jason Worilds, LB, Virginia Tech - Signed (4-years, financial terms undisclosed)

53. New England Patriots - Jermaine Cunningham, DL, Florida - Signed (4-years, $3.635M; $1.845M guaranteed)

54. Cincinnati Bengals - Carlos Dunlap, DE, Florida - Signed (4-years, $3.569M; $1.779M guaranteed)

55. Dallas Cowboys - Sean Lee, LB, Penn State - Signed (4-years, $3.5M; $1.71M guaranteed)

56. Green Bay Packers - Mike Neal, DL, Purdue - Signed (4-years, $3.441M; $1.651M guaranteed)

57. Baltimore Ravens - Terrence Cody, NT, Alabama - Signed (4-years, $3.384M; $1.594M guaranteed)
Dude showed up out of shape to camp and failed his conditioning test. This after really being impressive between the combine and the draft. Sad.

58. Houston Texans - Ben Tate, RB, Auburn - Agreed to Terms (4-years, financial terms undisclosed)

59. Cleveland Browns - Montario Hardesty, RB, Tennessee - Signed (4-years, $3.372M; $1.567M guaranteed)

60. Seattle Seahawks - Golden Tate, WR, Notre Dame - Signed (4-years, $3.261M; $1.471M guaranteed)

61. New York Jets - Vladimir Ducasse, OT, UMASS - Signed (4-years, $3.225M; $1.435M guaranteed)

62. New England Patriots - Brandon Spikes, LB, Florida - Signed (4-years, $3.2M; $1.41M guaranteed)

63. Indianapolis Colts - Pat Angerer, LB, Iowa - Agreed to Terms (4-years, $3.14M)

64. New Orleans Saints - Charles Brown, OT, USC - Signed (4-years, $3.1M; $1.31M guaranteed)